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Bring your project to life.

Bring your project to life.

Rocker, Toggle & Foot Switches

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IP Rating
IP Rating Dust & Water Proof Rating / Ingress Rating

  • IP65 (front)
  • IP67 (front)

Panel Cut-out

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What are Rocker, Toggle and Footswitches?

Rocker Switches, Toggle Switches and Footswitches are alternatives to the standard Push Button Switch. They are most commonly used to operate an electrical device by turning it on and off, or to control a certain function.

We offer both Panel Mount and PCB Rocker and Toggle switches.


What is the difference between a Rocker Switch and a Toggle Switch?

The key difference between a rocker switch and a toggle switch is that rockers have a ‘see-saw’ mechanism (one side rises when the other one is pushed down), whereas toggles have a small lever that you can move between positions.


What is a Rocker Switch?

Rocker Switches are electromechanical components that you will often see used as an on/off switch for a device or system. Their see-saw mechanism makes them easily recognisable and simple to use.

Our rocker switches are available in a range of shapes and colours, with SPDT – 4PDT configurations, in vertical or horizontal positions. We have IP rated rockers for dust and water-resistance, LED illuminated options and custom etching to suit your design.


What are Toggle Switches?

Toggle Switches are a type of electromechanical switch with a handle or lever that is pushed to control the electrical flow to a device. You can choose toggles in vertical or horizontal positions, with metal or plastic levers and SPDT – 4PDT configuration.

Our range of Toggle Switches are categorised by their key features. We have IP rated toggles for resistance against dust and water, and miniature, sub-miniature or ultra-miniature toggles for smaller spaces.


What are Footswitches?

Footswitches are a type of hard-wearing electrical switch that are used to make or break a circuit in hand-operated machinery. A footswitch can act as a safety measure or simply as a switch to command a function. We have momentary or latching footswitches with square, rectangular or round actuators and LED illumination available.


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