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Bring your project to life.

LED Tactile Switches

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What is a Tact Switch?

Tact switches, also known as tactile switches, are compact electronic switches specifically designed to mount on PCB boards. These on/off switches play a crucial role in connecting components and forming electronic circuits. Tact switches offer a practical alternative to push button switches, offering a smaller size, easier operation, and a satisfying “clicky” feedback. Explore our vast selection of both illuminated and non-illuminated tact switches and elevate your electronic projects to new heights.

What is the difference between a tactile switch and a button?

Tactile switches differentiate themselves from buttons in various ways. Firstly, they tend to be smaller in size compared to push button switches. Additionally, due to their design, they usually have lower voltage and current ratings. Notably, tactile switches provide audio or haptic feedback, enhancing the user experience. Moreover, these switches are exclusively designed for direct mounting onto PCBs, offering a seamless integration into electronic circuits.

Where can you find them?

Tactile switches are often utilised in electromechanical keyboards, musical instruments, interface control panels, and gamepads for a variety of consoles.

Key Types:

  • SMT tactile switches
  • Straight (vertical) orientations
  • Right angle (horizontal) orientations
  • Illuminated tactile switches
  • SPDT tactile switches


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