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Bring your project to life.

Bring your project to life.

Keylock & Selector Switches

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IP Rating
IP Rating Dust & Water Proof Rating / Ingress Rating

  • IP65 (front)
  • IP67 (front)

Panel Cut-out

  • Ø 16mm
  • Ø 19mm
  • Ø 22mm
  • Ø 25mm
  • Ø 30mm

# of NO Contacts

# of NC Contacts

What are Keylock Switches?

Keylock switches are switches which use a lock and key method often for additional security. Many of our key lock switches are available with single rotation or multiple rotation positions as a form of security. Additionally, we have a range of metal Keylock switches and plastic Keylock switches to suit a range of product designs and applications.  See the full specification of our Keylock switches, explaining positions, materials to security method.

Keylock operated switches available as both single and double pole. Provided with switch keys with different locking positions. Keylock switches are switches which use a locking mechanism to ensure safety. Ideally designed for lockers and enclosures, filing and display cabinets, door locks, electrical enclosures, cash till registers.

What are  Selector Switches?

Selector switches, operated by rotation, usually to choose between two or more positions. Used to control or monitor temperature or speed. Selector switches are ideal for a wide range of domestic and commercial appliances such as toasters, industrial ovens or temperature monitors.

Selector switches are available with round or square caps and double and single poles as well as different locking positions. These products are commonly used in commercial and domestic applications. Our Panel Mount Selector Switches support (single, bi-colour* or RGB*) LED Illumination.

How to place an order?

There are many ways to place an order and enquire about our push button Metal switches

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