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Popular products, push button switch, led illumination, rjs electronics ltd

low profile metal push button switch, anti-vandal, panel mount, led illuminated. ip rated, rjs electronics ltd

Low Profile ‘RJS1N1LP’ Switch Range

RJS1N1LP Switches are the latest edition to RJS’s ‘low profile’ switch range, available in sizes Ø12mm – Ø25mm with IP67/IP68 rating and RGB illumination. This entire series has an ultra-low profile of 12.3mm from the underside of the bezel. In a typical 3mm panel this would mean there is only 9.3mm behind the panel including switch terminals.


RJSX07 High current push button switch series, rjs electronics ltd

High Current RJSX07 Switch Series

RJSX07 High Current Switches are now available at ratings of 12V/20A & 24V/15A resistive load. Switch circuit options are 1NO (16mm,19mm,22mm,25mm) or 2NO (22mm and 25mm) and are IP67 rated (at the front). Available with LED illumination (ring, power or custom symbol). The RJSX07 High Current Switches replace traditional multiple components assembly with their single unit design.


touchless infrared switch

Touchless Infrared Switch Range

The RJS TLSW touchless switch series is designed to offer an alternative to the traditional push button switch, supporting engineers and designers facing new hygiene challenges. The RJS-TLSW touchless infrared switch has a 28mm cut-out diameter, with a 0-10cm sensing distance (0-15cm on adjustable version). The product is simple and easy to install with no programming required. Power of 12-24V with a momentary operation, this switch has a high current and switches a relay capable of 3a.  In addition, this supports a bi-colour LED status indicator, signalling when in use. This touchless series is available with mounting plate if required, select from brushed steel or aluminium material.



PCB push button switch, led illuminated, group image, rjs electronics ltd

PB613 (left) | SPG 1/2 (Centre) | SPG 3 (right)

PCB Push button Switches

We provide an extensive range of PCB push button switches, from small tactile switches to LED illuminated broadcast switches. Read more about some of our popular products from this category below!

spg4 round push button switch

SPG Series
Our smooth and silent pushbutton switch with LED illumination, ideal for broadcast applications. Full LED illumination, choose from an an array of colours including RGB illumination! Custom legends and logos available as well as a range of cap shapes and finishes.

pb613 series

PB613 Series
Our series of small economical PCB push button switches with a small footprint. Available with single or bi-colour LED illumination, choose from a variety of different cap styles, including cap shapes, finishes and custom legends. Predominantly used within audio and visual applications. The TP613 / PB613 range is a DPDT switch, meaning both audio channels can be changed at the same time which is especially useful within this industry. However, this switch is not limited to the audio broadcast market. This versatile economical switch can also be utilised in both commercial and domestic applications, such as fire security panels.

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