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TP613 / PB613

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TP613 / PB613 are a series of small economical PCB push button switches with a small footprint.

What is a PCB switch?
A PCB switch is a switch that is directly mounted onto a PCB (Printed Circuit Board). Surface mount PCB switches (SMD/SMT) are designed to sit flat, directly on top of a PCB. Through-hole or ‘thru-hole’ PCB switches are inserted into a drilled hole on the printed circuit boards and soldered to pads on the opposite side.

This series is available as a switch only or with a chosen switch cap.

TP613 = Switch without cap

tp613a - PCB switches, Push button switch, Switch with LED illumination, single LED illumination, bi-colour LED illumination, RGB Illumination, momentary function or latching function, IP Rated, RJS Electronics Ltd.

PB613 = Switch with cap (wide range of caps available)

Key Features:

  • Single/bi-colour LED illuminated
  • Small PCB switch
  • DPDT (double pole, double throw)
  • Right angle / vertical mounting
  • Momentary / latching function
  • Custom cap design / illuminated legends
  • Silent / tactile push options

Custom Caps

Choose from a variety of different cap styles, including cap shapes, finishes and legends. We also provide custom cap options, with custom logo’s, text or symbols.

custom cap options for PB613 push button switch series, rjs electronics ltd


Predominantly used within audio and visual applications. The TP613 / PB613 range is a DPDT switch, meaning both audio channels can be changed at the same time which is especially useful within this industry. However, this switch is not limited to the audio broadcast market. This versatile economical switch can also be utilised in both commercial and domestic applications, such as fire security panels.

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