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Bring your project to life.

Bring your project to life.

Pots, Encoders & Knobs

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IP Rating
IP Rating Dust & Water Proof Rating / Ingress Rating

  • IP65 (front)
  • IP67 (front)

Panel Cut-out

  • Ø 39mm

# of NO Contacts

# of NC Contacts

What are Pots and Encoders?

A Potentiometer, or Pot, is a type of resistor that is designed to adjust the amount of voltage within a circuit. We supply rotary pots that allow for simple control with just the turn of a knob, as well as slide pots – also known as motorised faders – that can change resistance by sliding a wiper along a track. One example of an application for a potentiometer is as a volume control on a radio or stereo system. 

Encoders are switches that require motion to initiate change and control a certain function within a circuit. We supply a variety of rotary encoders that can be used to monitor or control operations in a number of systems and devices. They are commonly found in applications such as robotics, industrial controls and in vehicles.

Our range of Pots and Encoders are available as ‘through-hole’ or ‘SMT mounting style’.  Additionally, choose from horizontal or vertical types.


What is the difference between a Pot and an Encoder?

An Encoder can tell us which way the component is being turned, whereas a Pot can specify its rotational position. Further to this, encoders are able to spin continuously in both directions, while Pots are only able to turn a set distance before they have to stop.


What are Knobs?

To compliment our Pots and Encoders, we have an extensive range of Knobs that you can choose to add to your components. The material options for these knobs include ABS plastic, aluminium shell with plastic insert or solid aluminium. Our knobs can be customised with laser etching to suit your product design, and LED illuminated knobs are also available.


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