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Bring your project to life.

Bring your project to life.

Touchless Infrared Switches

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IP Rating
IP Rating Dust & Water Proof Rating / Ingress Rating

  • IP40 (front)
  • IP68 (front)

Panel Cut-out

  • Ø 28mm

# of NO Contacts

# of NC Contacts

See the range of panel mount, Exit Buttons & Devices. Our No touch buttons are available as momentary Pushbutton and IP rated switches ideal for door entry/exits for a range of public and private commercial spaces. Metal panels for the RJS-TLS switch are available in a range of sizes and shapes.

What are touchless switches?

Touchless switches are switches which can be activated without contact/touching. With the use of a proximity sensor switch, they can detect heat from detect heat radiation from 800nm – 1mm.


RJS-TLSW-0/RJS-TLSW-68 - no touch LED switch with ring LED illumination, IP RATED, voltage and Amps. RJS Electronics Ltd.

The RJS TLSW-0 is no touch button which has multiple functions to enable this. Our RJS-TLSW-0 is a combination of the infrared proximity switch with a momentary or delay timer feature. The no-touch button is ø28mm, select from 8 – 24VDC.

LED Illumination

RJS-TLS RANGE - LED illumination options, standby v. active. RJS Electronics Ltd.

The no-touch switch uses ring LED illumination to indicate its status. Blue LED illumination indicates when the switch/device/operation is in standby mode, drawing 30mA and Green LED illumination will indicate when active, drawing 50mA.

IP Rating

The RJS-TLS-0 switch is IP rated, complies with standard IP40/ IP68.

IP Ratings explained by rjs electronics Lt. IP 67, IP68.

RJS-TL1/3/4/5/6 (RJS-TLS switch with plate).

Our RJS-TL1/3/4/5/6 is the combination of the no touch button with plate. Select from the following dimensions and styles and then select from switch function from momentary OR Adjustable Delay Version.

All the RJS-TL[X] plates are available in two options:

  • 1.7mm Stainless steel (S)
  • 4mm Aluminium (A) plate


Key features:

  • Infrared Switch
  • Timer delay
  • Momentary function
  • Proximity Switch
  • No touch button
  • Bi-colour illumination to signal use.
  • Easy to install with no programming required.

How to place an order?

There are many ways to place an order and enquire about our push button Metal switches

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