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Bring your project to life.


This 28mm Touchless Infrared Switch features green and blue bi-colour illumination, and ‘NO TOUCH’ text can be added. It can have a momentary or delayed function, with the option to have standard or ‘sensitive’ sensing distance. Mounted on an 86 x 86mm square panel in either stainless steel or aluminium.

Key Features:

  • Infrared Switch
  • Illuminated Touchless exit switch with Plate 86*86*25mm
  • Momentary OR Adjustable Delay Version
  • Supplied with 1.7mm Stainless steel (S) or 4mm Aluminium (A) plate
  • Standard sensing distance 0-10cm
  • “Sensitive” sensing distance 3-15cm
  • IP40 rated (indoor)
  • IP68 rated (outdoor)
RJS-TLSW-0 Switch Only Version Click Here
RJS-TL5-S/A Momentary Version
RJS-TL5D-S/A Momentary Version “Sensitive Distance”
RJS-TL5T-S/A Adjustable Time Delay Version


Product Series



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Product Material Options



DC12V 500mA



Operating Temperature

10‐55℃ (14-131F)

Operating Humidity

0-95% (non-condensing)

Electrical Operations

IP Rating


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