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Established in 2003, RJS Electronics is known to provide high quality products with great customer service. We supply an extensive range of push button switches and specialise in LED illuminated switches. Other products include; Relays, Pots & Encoders, Navigation Modules, Indicators and LCD Displays. 

Product Categories

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PCB components including Push Button Switches, Broadcast Switches, Potentiometers (pots), Encoders, Relays, Toggle Switches, Rocker Switches, Rotary Switches, Dip & Slide Switches.

Panel Mount components including; Metal switches, Plastic Push Button Switches, Navigation Modules, Rocker & Toggle Switches, Industrial controls, Keylocks, Selector Switches, LED Indicators & Buzzers.

PCB, Pots, Knobs, Encoders, illuminated Knobs, customisable, etching, RJS Electronics Ltd.

Additional products include; Knobs for Pots and Encoders, Cable Assemblies, Switch Guards and Covers, Sockets, Connectors and Test Tweezers



Select from a variety of material finishes, with custom colour anodised options available.


Custom symbols and logos can be laser marked, etched or stamped on to a number of our switches.


Custom wiring and connectors are available across a variety of our components.

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Audio & Visual (AV) Industry

The AV industry comprises of audio & visual equipment and technology. For example, speakers and visual equipment like mixer desks, controllers, and processors.

programmable switches, push button, lcd display, encoder, rjs electronics ltd

Let’s Get Technical… Or Do We?

Our Programmable Switches are made simple and easy to install. Using a variety of programs and interfaces, including Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) and Inter-Integrated Circuit (I2C).