Bring your project to life.

Bring your project to life.

Celebrating 20 Years!

Hip Hip Horray!!
We’re celebrating 20 years of being in business.
We started in 2003 by Rick Sucher and we have never looked back.
We want to thank everyone who has purchased with us, heres to more great years!

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RJS-SDE2, multi-functional and multi purpose, rotary encoder with push button function, full screen LCD, larger screen, programmable SPI-interfaced and rasberry Pi. RJS Electronics Ltd


Let us re-introduce the RJS-SDE.
Now called the RJS-SDE2! Now Bigger, Brighter and Better.

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Thanks for visiting us at B100. Southern Manufacturing and Electronics 2023. Push Button Switches, Plastic Switches, Relays, LED Illumination, LED Indicators, connectors, wires, RJS Electronics Ltd.

Southern Manufacturing 2023

What a way to begin 2023! Since getting back into the office, we had been busy preparing for Southern Manufacturing & Electronics show 2023. It’s

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Toggle switches available at rjs electronics ltd

What Are Toggle Switches?

What are Toggle Switches? A toggle switch is a type of electromechanical switch with a handle or lever that is pushed to control the electrical

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PCB and Panel Mount, Rocker and Toggle Switches, LED Illuminated, Rocker Switch, non-illuminated etched and stamped rocker switch. RJS Electronics Ltd

Rocker Switches

What is a Rocker Switch? Rocker switch is commonly used for switching electronic devices on and off. The rocker mechanism is designed to rock back

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IBC 2022

IBC 2022 We were back at IBC 2022 from Friday 9th September 2022 – Monday 12th September 2022 showcasing our latest electromechanical components widely suited for Audio, Video, Broadcast and Media. Here’s

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thank you for visiting us at ISE 2022

ISE 2022(Barcelona)

ISE 2022 | Barcelona Hello! We’ve been busy exhibiting at ISE 2022 in Barcelona! This was our first international show since covid-19. We have lots

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programmable switches, push button, lcd display, encoder, rjs electronics ltd

Let’s Get Technical

Let’s get technical… or do we? Our Programmable Switches are made simple and easy to install. Using a variety of programs and interfaces, including Serial

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RJS Electronics Ltd, case studies

Case Studies

Bring your project to life… Since 2003 we have been committed in supporting our customers with their projects. From audio equipment to home automation and

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Aktiva lighting, case study, metal push button, rjs electronics ltd

Case Study: Aktiva

Meet … Aktiva Lighting Aktiva lighting is a London based design and manufacturing company that specialise in LED lighting.  Set up in 1988, Aktiva lighting

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applications for switches, relays, displays, rjs electronics ltd

A Range of Possibilities 

A Range of Possibilities  Since 2003, we’ve been supporting many businesses bring their vision to life by internationally supplying electro-mechanical components. Our components are used for a

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Selector Switches with LED illumination, ring LED illumination IP rating, round, sqaure or rectangular, RJS Electronics Ltd.

What are Selector Switches?

Selector Switches We have a vast range of selector switches that are available with two or more positions, LED options available. View All What are

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illuminated and non-illuminated Tact Switches RJS Electronics Ltd.

Tact Switches Explained

Quick Links – Discover Illuminated Tact Switches | Explore Non-Illuminated Tact Switches What are Tact Switches? Tact switches are small compact switches designed to mount

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what is a relay switch?

What is a Relay?

What are Relays? Essentially, relays are an electromechanical component which operates the flow of electric current within an electric circuit. It usually operates similar to

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Limit switches, micro switch, snap-action switches, rjs electronics ltd

What is a Limit Switch?

What is a Limit Switch? Quick link – View all Limit Switches   A Limit Switch is an electromechanical component that is used to detect the presence of

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Case Study: CTP Systems

Case Study: CTP Systems In this blog series, we look to share our spotlight with our customers and their businesses. RJS Electronics presents (drum roll)

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IP ratings explained, ip rated switches, rjs electronics ltd

IP Ratings Explained

Getting in a muddle around IP ratings? Need help identifying whether the component for your project needs to be IP rated? We’ve got you! What

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Custom, customisation, RJS Electronics Ltd.

Custom Products

Want to make your product stand out? Need a PCB switch or Panel mount switch suited to your design? Speak to our Sales Engineers today!

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LED illumination switches, electromechanical components

LED Illumination Switches

Looking for LED Illumination switches? Let us give you an insight into whats types of LED illumination switches and electromechanical components are available.

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2022 Highlights

2022 Highlights 2022 has been a fun year as we have had the chance to showcase at many exhibitions post covid. Here are the highlights

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