Introducing the RJS-TOG Series

Our newest product, the RJS-TOG, combines the best bits of our anti-vandal switches and toggle switches, into one stylish and robust component, complete with optional ring LED illumination.
In this blog we’re discussing everything you need to know about the RJS-TOG series, so keep reading!

What are Anti-Vandal Switches?

Anti-Vandal Switches are metal switches that are hard-wearing and durable, meaning that they are more resistant to overuse or damage. For this reason, they are most commonly used in high traffic areas, public spaces or applications that require robust components. However, their sleek design means that they are also a great option to add a high end feel and finish to a product.

Additionally, our anti-vandal switches have a degree of protection against dust and water (IP rated), which makes them suitable for applications that require weatherproofing.

At RJS, we have a wide range of anti-vandal switches in various sizes, with customisable LED illumination and material options. Our push button anti-vandal switches can also support custom stamped/etched symbols or logos.

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What are Toggle Switches?

Toggle Switches are mechanical devices with a lever, or ‘toggle’, that make or break electrical connections in a circuit when the lever is moved from one position to another.

These switches are available with a momentary or latching function. Momentary toggle switches are actioned by a spring mechanism that uses force on the armature from the inside to go back to the original position as soon as the switch is not engaged. In contrast, a latching toggle switch maintains its state once pressed, until the toggle is pushed back again and the switch is released.

We supply toggle switches in a variety of sizes, down to miniature, sub-miniature and even ultra-miniature toggles for the smallest spaces. We also have IP rated toggle switches that can withstand exposure to water and dust.

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The RJS-TOG Series

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The RJS-TOG is a hard-wearing panel mount switch with a long life, plus a simple and reliable operation, making it an excellent choice for high usage applications. It also features ring LED illumination in a variety of single LED colour options, so you can select the right one for your project.

Its IP67 rating (dust-tight and protected for water immersion for 30 minutes between 15cm and 1m) means that the RJS-TOG switches are ideal for applications such as marine, medical and industrial, or in outdoor settings.

This switch is available in 19mm and 22mm panel cut out sizes, with 2 position or 3 position configuration. You can also select either a black anodised or brushed steel finish, and whether you want to add soldered wire leads (500mm).


Below are the drawings for the RJS-19L(A)-TOG. To view the 22mm version and drawings, click here.

Drawing of RJS-19L(A)-TOG anti vandal toggle switch, ring led illumination, led switches, RJS Electronics Ltd
Drawing of RJS-19L(A)-TOG anti vandal toggle switch, ring led illumination, led switches, RJS Electronics Ltd
Drawing of RJS-19L(A)-TOG anti vandal toggle switch, ring led illumination, led switches, RJS Electronics Ltd


The RJS-TOG is the perfect solution if you are looking for a robust panel mount toggle switch with LED illumination. To find out more about these switches or any of our other components, speak to our experienced Sales Engineers today.

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