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Bring your project to life.

Toggle & Rocker Switches

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IP Rating
IP Rating Dust & Water Proof Rating / Ingress Rating

  • IP65 (front)
  • IP67 (front)

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Understanding Toggle and Rocker Switches

What is a Toggle Switch?

A toggle switch is a type of switch that features a lever for turning a circuit on or off. These switches come in different orientations, including horizontal, vertical, and right-angle positions, catering to various electronic devices. Toggle switches are also available in different sizes to accommodate specific requirements.

What is a Rocker Switch?

Rocker switches are one of the most commonly encountered switch types. These switches have a mechanism that rocks between two or more positions when pressed. As one end of the switch is raised, the other end lowers. Rocker switches are sometimes referred to as see-saw switches.

Differences between Rocker and Toggle Switches:

Appearance: The primary distinction between rocker switches and toggle switches lies in their appearance. Rocker switches have a more universal design, with a see-saw mechanism, whilst a toggle switch utilises a lever style actuator.

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