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Bring your project to life.

Limit & Proximity Switches

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IP Rating
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  • IP67 (front)

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What are Limit Switches?

Discover the versatility of Limit and Proximity switches, essential components in industrial controls. These switches are crucial for heavy-duty tasks like lifts and commercial vehicle controls, serving as sensors that record distance, measure temperature, or even protect circuits from exceeding limits.

Limit switches come in various sizes, electrical specifications, and actuator heads, ensuring compatibility with diverse applications. When an object makes contact with the actuator, limit switches can make or break electrical connections effectively.

Proximity switches also offer a wide selection of actuator heads, sizes, and electrical specifications to suit different needs. These switches come equipped with sensors that provide valuable feedback on the proximity, temperature, or distance of objects when they come in contact with the actuator.

Explore our range of Limit and Proximity switches, including roller-type actuators for enhanced rotation, plunger-type actuators for smooth vertical motions, and rod lever-type actuators available in various heights and thicknesses.

Experience our complete electro-mechanical component line-up, featuring PCB and Panel mount switches. Our component collection boasts Illuminated and Non-Illuminated tact Switches, Pots & Encoders, Relays, Toggles, and DIP Switches. It also offers metal push button switches, metal and plastic indicators, emergency switches, snap-action switches, and key-lock switches, making them ideal for automation, computers, robots, and information technologies.

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