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3 Key Trends for the Future of Agricultural Technology


3 Key Trends for the Future of Agricultural Technology

The Agricultural Industry is one of the oldest and most important industries in the world, and technological advancements are always needed to aid in areas such as sustainability and keeping up with the increasing demand for food as populations increase.

In this blog, we’re discussing 3 of the key trends that are going to be integral to improvements in the farming industry now and in the future.

1. Automated Steering and Controls

Automated steering of tractors and vehicles on the farm allows for precise manoeuvring of equipment to cover the whole field efficiently, without overlapping or missing any areas due to human error. The software used to plan routes/actions for these automated controls also allows you to keep a record of what work has been done and when.

Another benefit of this is that the physical controls needed can often be added to existing vehicles, meaning that a new system can be implemented quickly, easily and cost-effectively to any farm.

2. Drones and Robots

Drones and robots have been used for quite some time in the agriculture industry, but advancements in the technology are constantly improving.

Smaller robots are now being introduced that are able to carry out tasks that have previously been impossible for larger machinery and vehicles. These robots can also take on some of the more time-consuming and labour-intensive jobs. For example, on livestock farms, robots can be used to automate the milking of cows or to monitor animals that are grazing on larger areas of farmland.

Drones are set to become more common within the industry, as they are a great tool for spreading of food, seeds and pesticides, as well as mapping and monitoring the farmland. This more accurate mapping and spreading can help to reduce the waste of products.

The aim with both robots and drones is that they will help to improve sustainability on a farm, as well as reducing costs in the long term.

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3. Farming in New Spaces

Urban and indoor farming is another increasingly popular trend, and is often seen as the future of the agriculture industry. The key benefits of this include protection against pests, diseases and extreme weather, as well as a vast reduction of the area and resources needed for traditional farming. It also makes farming more localised, meaning that crops and produce doesn’t have to travel as far from farm to table. These factors all combine to make a great advancement towards sustainability in farming.

Components for Agricultural Technology

Any new machinery, controls, robots and drones need switches and components to help you handle them. Below are just some of the switches that we recommend for agricultural applications.

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Anti-Vandal Switches

Our metal Anti-Vandal Switches are perfect for hard-wearing applications such as agriculture, and they can be used as on/off switches in many applications. We have IP rated options for water resistance and outdoor use, as well as low profile, high current, LED illuminated and custom design options to suit your project needs.

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Emergency Stop Buttons

With any heavy or dangerous machinery, it is important to include an Emergency Stop Switch to shut systems down immediately in the case of a malfunction or accident. We have push-pull, twist release and key release type E-stops, plus some LED illuminated options.

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LED Indicators

LED Indicators are designed for applications where you need to quickly identify when a machine or system is running, or if there’s an issue that needs attention. We have indicators with single, bi-colour and split-face illumination, as well as ultrabright and IP rated options that are perfect for outdoor applications.

Non-illuminated tact switches, tactile push button switches, PCB mount switches, drone controls, RJS Electronics Ltd

Non-Illuminated Tact Switches

Our small, Non-Illuminated Tact Switches make great control buttons for smaller electronic devices, such as drones. Tactile switches offer a ‘clicky’ feedback when pressed, and require less force than other push button types. We have tact switches in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours.


The agricultural industry is one that is constantly evolving as we find better, more efficient ways to grow crops and tend to livestock. Each of the 3 trends covered in this blog offer a solution to reduce the waste of resources, which in turn can help to make a farm more sustainable, cost-effective and productive.

To find out more about our components and how we can help you to create your products for agricultural applications, speak to our experienced Sales Engineers today.

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