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Custom Products

Custom, customisation, RJS Electronics Ltd.

Want to make your product stand out? Need a PCB switch or Panel mount switch suited to your design?

Speak to our Sales Engineers today!

Here is an example of all the potential possibilities.

Many of our metal push button switches and PCB switches can be customised to suit your design.

If you require our switches to be customised, please speak with our Sales Engineers who can advise on the design.

Our PCB switches can support custom legends, finishes which include the colour of the cap and LED illumination and even the stamp of the shapes.

Our panel mount switches can be stamped or laser etching, a variety of finishes such a black anodised, brass finishing, coloured metals, LED illumination (select from dot, ring or custom symbol) and wiring, including connectors.

Custom PCB switch options

custom PCB switch options, snap shot of the idea we can customise. PCB option including LED illumination, etching, shapes and legends. RJS Electronics Ltd.

Custom PCB Switch options, finishes, power symbol. RJS Electronics Ltd.

Custom PCB Switch option, shapes for PCB Switches. RJS Electronics Ltd.

custom PCB switch options, RJS Electronics Ltd. See the possibilities of our custom legends with LED illumination. RJS Electronic Ltd.

Custom Panel Mount switch options

Custom panel mount, switch options title, RJS Electronics Ltd.Custom panel mount switch options, select from stamped or laser etching. RJS Electronics Ltd.

Custom Panel mount switch options, see our range of finishes. RJS Electronics Ltd.Custom panel mount, wiring and connectors. Ask our Sales engineers how we can help. RJS Electronics Ltd.


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