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Bring your project to life.

Bring your project to life.


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IP Rating
IP Rating Dust & Water Proof Rating / Ingress Rating

  • IP65 (front)
  • IP67 (front)

Panel Cut-out

  • Ø 8mm
  • Ø 16mm
  • Ø 19mm
  • Ø 22mm
  • Ø 25mm

# of NO Contacts

  • 1
  • 2

# of NC Contacts

  • 1
  • 2

What are Automotive switches?

We offer a great range of switches that are used by the Automotive industry, from Relays to Push Button Switches to Navigation Switches and modules. Some examples of applications and uses for these switches include; to turn a car on and off, to control systems such as windscreen wipers and A/C, or to navigate and select settings on a car’s dashboard, such as temperature and radio.


What makes them suitable for the Automotive industry?

These components have a variety of features that make them suitable for automotive applications. Many of our switches feature LED illumination – allowing the user to quickly identify when systems and actions are on – and can support customisation with different caps, colours and symbols/legends to make your design stand out.

As well as being LED illuminated, we have a range of automotive switches that are multi-functional (such as rotating, low-profile push button and programmable). This eliminates the use of extra components and allows for a compact design.

Lastly, we also have IP rated switches that are protected against dust and varying levels of exposure to water.


How can RJS Electronics support your device/system for Automotive applications?

We supply an extensive range of high quality, long-lasting, PCB and Panel Mount components for automotive applications. For custom options and possibilities, speak to our Sales Engineers directly. We aim to support engineers and technicians by offering solutions and key components.


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