Exploring Key Lock Switches


What is a Key Lock Switch?

Key Lock Switches are a type of rotary switch that require a key to be inserted into them, which then acts as the actuator for the switch. This means that the switch and its operation can only be accessed by someone who has a key.

The main benefit of these switches is that by limiting the access to just people who have a key, the machine/device/system is protected against unauthorised or accidental use. Just the presence of a key lock itself can act as a deterrent against misuse, as it signals that access is restricted.

key lock switches industrial controls push button metal plastic LED RGB switches, RJS Electronics Ltd

What are Key Lock Switches used for?

Key Lock Switches are commonly used as a type of safety switch in applications where safety and/or security are of a high concern. They can be used to unlock a machine/device to allow the use of other controls, and can also control the flow of electricity themselves.

The first application for key lock switches that springs to mind for most of us is the ignition key used to start a car. However, they are also commonly found in many industrial applications, where they can be used to control machinery or access certain areas/equipment.

Some other applications include:

  • Door controls

  • Medical equipment

  • Security systems

  • Alarm systems

  • Cash registers

  • Marine equipment

  • Computer servers

Types of Key Lock Switches

All of our key lock switches work in the same way and every switch comes with a pair of keys. However, we offer these switches in a variety of shapes, sizes, styles and colours.

RJSKL1601261-2POS-1 anti vandal metal key lock switch, panel mount, safety switch, RJS Electronics Ltd
RJSPS16B Rectangular non-illuminated key lock switch, plastic panel mount, safety switch, RJS Electronics Ltd


Our metal anti-vandal switches are designed to be hard-wearing, which makes them perfect for applications that require more robust components.


We have a variety of non-illuminated and IP rated plastic key lock switches. These come in black, white, silver or grey and can have square, round or rectangular caps.

LED illuminated

Our LED illuminated key lock switches feature super bright LEDs, which allow the user to see when the switch is engaged, even in brighter environments like factories.

Other attributes to consider:

Our Key Lock Switches can either have a 2 position or 3 position configuration. With a 2 position configuration, the key can be turned from left to right, and with the 3 position variation, the key can be in a left, right or central position. When ordering your switches, you can also choose whether you want them to have a momentary or latching function, and where you want the ‘key out’ position to be (i.e. which position the key has to be in to be removed).


Key Lock Switches are a great option to add an extra level of security to your device or system, and in some cases might even be a necessity. If you are looking for high quality, long-lasting key lock switches, RJS Electronics can help you to find the perfect solution for your project. Speak to our experienced Sales Engineers today to find out more.

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