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Applications – A range of Possibilities 

Applications, Broadcasting including Radio, Audio,automotive, industrial controls, marine and boat building, door entry and security. For Customisation – PCB and Panel Mount switches available with custom etching and stamping, LED illumination, single, dual or RGB LED illumination, including connectors and wiring. RJS Electronics Ltd. +44 (0)1234 213600,
Since 2003, We have been helping many businesses bring their vision to life by internationally supplying electro-mechanical components. Our components are used for a variety of applications by many industries.
We offer a diverse range of high-quality PCB and Panel Mount electro-mechanical switches that meet modern design and emerging technologies.
Why not, let us customise the component you’re looking for? Many of our switches can be customised, from custom wiring to stamping and etching making your design stand out! Not only can we support your design visually, but we can also provide technical support and guidance where needed.
Explore our vast range of electromechanical components, select from momentary or latching anti-vandal metal and plastic switches, single/dual or RGB LED indicators, DIP switches to illuminated or non-illuminated Rockers and IP rated Toggle switches and many other multi-functioning switches. Our aim is to provide you with the highest quality and functioning component in supporting your application.

We support a multitude of industries especially the following:


Broadcasting, door entry and security, audio & video, automotive, medical and industrial controls. PCB and Panel Mount push button switches. Including metal and plastic switches, switches with LED and without LED illumination. RJS Electronics Ltd.

Broadcast – We offer a wide range of electromechanical components suited for a range of Broadcast equipment and devices. See our range of PCB illuminated and non-illuminated tact switches or slide switches, just a few that may be of interest. Find out more about our latest RJS-SLC switch, push button switch with OLED display.
Door Entry / Security – See the full range of push button and touchless door exit buttons and devices for Door entry and Security. We’ve recently added a new series of door exit switches and panels or opt for the touchless switch, available with several panels available in 6 different sizes, in Aluminium and Stainless steel.
Automotive – Many of our components are used for many functions within domestic and commercial good carrying vehicles. The types of electromechanical components suited for automotive use can be from our anti-vandal switches from 8mm – 40mm, in a range of finishes or provide LED indicators, Relays or Proximity / Limit switches.
Industrial Controls – See our range of LED Indicators, Keylock & Selectors, Limit Switches and Emergency stop switches. Switches are designed to create effective working environments and efficient applications.
Audio & Video – Both our PCB and Panel mount switches are suitable for audio and video devices including mixer decks and other DJ and Audio equipment.
Boat Building & Marine – We have a wide range of IP rated switches and electrical components suitable for panels and systems for Boatbuilding and Marine.


Stand out with customisation!
Many of our switches can be customised making the switch unique to your design and appliances.
Here is an example of some of the possibilities. Many of our metal push button switches and PCB switches can be customised to suit your design. If you require our switches to be customised, please speak with our Sales Engineers who can advise on the design.
Our PCB switches can support custom legends which include the colour of the cap and LED illumination and even the stamp of the shapes.
Our panel mount switches can be stamped or laser etching, a variety of finishes such a black anodised, brass finishing, coloured metals, LED illumination select from dot, ring or custom symbol and wiring, including connectors.
Here are some examples

Customisation – PCB and Panel Mount switches available with custom etching and stamping, LED illumination, single, dual or RGB LED illumination, including connectors and wiring. RJS Electronics Ltd. +44 (0)1234 213600,



For more information, to speak to our Sales Engineers direct or leave us a message.

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Monday – Thursday 8am – 5pm and Fridays 8am – 4.30pm, call us on +44 (0)1234 213600 to speak to our Sales Engineers or e-mail us on [email protected] alternatively, leave us a message using our online contact form.

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