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Case Study: Aktiva

Case Study: Aktiva X RJS

In this blog series, we look to share our spotlight with our customers and their businesses.

RJS Electronics presents (drum roll) …

                                    ‘Aktiva lighting.’


Aktiva lighting is a London based design and manufacturing company that specialise in LED lighting.
Set up in 1988, Aktiva lighting has an extensive portfolio showcasing its bespoke LED lighting used
within retail, academic libraries, public libraries, renowned museums and exhibition spaces internationally.

Their key product: The Twig has been used in the display cabinets at the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) in New York USA.
Which is available in different colours, finishes and made-to-measure heights. See more here.


Image source: @Aktivalighting

We have been working with Aktiva lighting for the past 9 years. and have been able to successfully supply our push button switches which is the central power button.
Many of their beautiful designs have featured either our:

19mm or 22mm brush steel or anodized black, non-illuminated, push button, metal switch, both supporting either momentary or latching function.



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