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Application: Home Automation

RJS Electronics Ltd has contributed to a wide range of industries such as: medical, military, marine, boat building, broadcasting, automotive and security.

On supporting these industries, we have been able to supply many established organisations and manufacturers with our products.

Recently, we have identified many of our push button switches and electro mech-components products being used for home automation.

The home automation industry is expanding their perimeters beyond products using touch screen or voice control devices, commonly used for home security or energy efficiency monitors. Home automation devices are also associated with home entertainment.


Which of our products contribute to this?


·         Push button

·         Indicators

·         Toggles

·         Sliders switches

·         Rockers

·         Knobs

·         Key lock Switches

·         Navigation modules

·          LCD Display screens*

Contact us directly for information on our LCD Display screens.


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Did you know we can customise the wires to suit your design?

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