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What are Rotary Switches?

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Question: What are Rotary Switches?

Rotary switches are a type of switch that operate when turned, in a rotating motion.

Commonly used in devices and circuits that require a single switch to offer more than two positions or functions.

Rotary switches are common HMI (human-machine interface) components in numerous kinds of industrial equipment, as well as in a wide range of consumer appliances.

Sometimes preferred over other control input methods, such as touch-screens, in applications where software error could be problematic or hazardous. They’re also widely used on mechanical equipment featuring complex circuits where a single switch position needs to open/close various combinations of different contacts at once.

Rotary switches turn around a spindle connected to a shaft assembly. This spindle, or rotor, is positioned such that it can make contact with any number of different attached electrical circuits as the rotary switch turns.


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