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Image Drawings Disclaimer

Image Drawings Disclaimer

All specifications are supplied by our manufacturers which we can only assume are accurate at the time of supply, due to the many parts that we distribute and the many suppliers we work with it is possible that this information may be out of date. In the event of placing an order / creating a design, please contact us immediately so that we can provide you with a full technical document. If there is any required information missing on the provided document, please let us know and we will endeavour to do our best to supply you with such information. We cannot be responsible for any parts that do not meet unlisted specifications – please make no assumptions.


Where tolerances are unlisted please note there are many different factors such as size and material of the part being measured. If you require critical tolerances – please get in touch and we will request the specific information from the manufacturer

When specifying cable lengths and you need a critical length, please ensure to inform us where you want the reference point of measure to be as each factory can take the measurement from a different reference point.


LED colours may vary from each batch due to the nature of the product, please get in touch for full LED specifications on any product where we can provide you the Min./Max. levels of the measurable attributes.


Anodised and painted finishes utilise processes that can provide ever so slightly different results on each batch, we cannot guarantee that the specific shade of colour that you receive on one order will be identical to your next order.


Any Images are for representation purposes only and may have been created to give you an idea of what the product will look like, but if you want a true to life picture, get in touch and we can send across an unedited image taken with a familiar object for size reference, i.e. a coin etc.