Audio & Visual Trends: Podcasts and Livestreaming


Have you noticed in recent years that all of your favourite celebs, influencers and industry experts have started a podcast? Do you keep getting invites to join livestream events?

The Audio & Visual industry is one that is constantly changing and growing as trends and tastes change, and new technologies appear on the market. Heading these trends for 2024 are podcasts and livestreams, as they are set to become even more popular this year. In this blog we’ll discuss how you can utilise them to expand your audience reach and boost your business this year.


In recent years, podcasts have had a massive surge in popularity. In the UK alone, over one third of people aged 15 and over listened to them in 2023.

The format seems to be especially popular with people aged 18 to 34, so if that is your target demographic or one that you are wanting to expand into, starting a podcast might just be the way to go.

This incredibly versatile and unique medium can be a fantastic tool to market your brand. Keep reading to discover the benefits of podcasting, and the equipment you need to get started.

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Why have podcasts become so popular?

From an audience perspective, podcasts are so appealing because they are very easily accessible, as they are usually free and can be easily streamed or downloaded onto any smartphone. This means that they can be listened to on the go and/or while the listener is doing other things. But at the same time, people often find podcasts to be more engaging than other forms of media and entertainment, as the more personal nature of them makes the listener feel like they are part of a conversation.

On average, most podcast episodes are between 20 to 40 minutes long and are usually easy to dip in and out of, so it doesn’t feel like a huge commitment to put one on.

With literally millions of different podcasts available, another reason why they are so popular is because there truly is something for everyone. Whether it’s TV show watch-alongs, true crime stories, comedic advice shows or daily stock market updates, you would be hard-pressed not to find something that you’re interested in.

The benefits of starting a podcast

There are a multitude of benefits to starting a podcast, whether you are trying to promote your business or your personal brand.

  • Grow your audience

  • Bring in extra revenue

  • Show off your expertise

  • Build a personal connection

  • Use clips (audio or video) for social media content

  • Get started easily!

Audio & Visual Trends: Podcasts and Livestreaming blog, podcast equipment, headphones, microphones, audio & visual applications, broadcast applications, RJS Electronics Ltd

Podcasting Equipment

1. Good quality microphones

2. Headphones

3. Headphone amplifier

4. Audio mixer

RJS Electronics supplies high quality components to manufacturers globally, across the audio & visual industry. Our switches and encoders go into electronic systems like amplifiers and mixers, to help you and your producers make first-class content. Here are just some of our components that you might see in your podcasting equipment:


Almost a third of internet users worldwide tuned in to livestreamed content on a weekly basis in 2023, with that number steadily rising.

Consumer research also shows that live video is now the third most engaging type of social content, behind short-form video and images.

It has never been easier to “go live”, so if you are looking for a fresh new way to keep your audience engaged, it might be time to jump on the trend.

Audio & Visual Trends: Podcasts and Livestreaming blog, livestream event, audio & visual applications, broadcast applications, RJS Electronics Ltd

Why livestreaming is a good idea

Livestreaming is such a popular format of engagement and entertainment because it allows your audience to interact more with you as a business or creator, especially if you are able to respond to comments and questions as you go. This also gives you the opportunity to gain immediate feedback on any ideas or announcements, etc.

The livestreaming of an event such as a product launch, conference or musical performance can make it more accessible. You can attract a wider audience who would otherwise not be able to attend the event, and charging a small fee could bring in a bit of extra revenue.

A newly emerging trend in livestreaming is live shopping, with many brands and businesses using apps like TikTok to advertise and sell products, to great success.

If you record your livestreams, any funny or interesting clips can be taken and uploaded to your other social media platforms to further market yourself.

Audio & Visual Trends: Podcasts and Livestreaming blog, livestreaming camera, equipment, audio & visual applications, broadcast applications, RJS Electronics Ltd

Livestreaming Equipment

With multiple social media apps now allowing you to go live with just your smartphone, you don’t need much to get started with livestreaming. But if you are wanting to have a more professional setup or to livestream an event, it is better to invest in some professional equipment:

  • Good quality camera

  • Microphone

  • Hardware encoder

  • Audio mixer

We have a wide variety of reliable switches at RJS Electronics that you may see in your livestreaming equipment. From navigation switches, to tact switches, to anti-vandals and many more. Many of our components have LED illumination and different material options, so you can find the perfect switches to fit your project.

Final Thoughts

In summary, it has never been easier to promote your brand in a way that humanises it and makes it accessible to the masses. Podcasts and livestreaming are just some of the trends gaining popularity in the ever-changing Audio & Visual Industry, but they are trends worth paying attention to this year.

If you are looking for switches and components to put into your own audio and video equipment, RJS Electronics has you covered. Speak to our experienced Sales Engineers today to find out more.

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