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Welcome 2020!

Firstly, Happy New year! As we welcome 2020, let us take a trip down memory lane and reflect on the highlights of 2019.

2019 was a fantastic year for us here at RJS Electronics Ltd and here’s why…

Product Highlights:

RJS SDE – TFT LCD rotary encoder navigation and pushbutton switch. This is a multi-purpose and multi-functioning push button switch which is IP65 rated and fully programmable to suit your interactive design experience.



RJS1N1LP – is one range of our short body low profile push button switches. Essentially low profile means, short in height, usually less than <5mm, meaning these are ideal for devices which are sleek and compact. Our RJS1N1LP low profile short body switches are available with and without LED illumination or custom symbol and IP67 and IP68 rated.


RJSX07 – high current switches, which replace traditional multiple components assemble with a single unit design. Select our high current switches from ratings of 12V/20A & 24V/15A resistive load and with or without ring LED illumination.



At the end of December, we introduced our Panel mount, metal switch with large domed mushroom tops.  These anti-vandal switches are approximately 35mm in diameter and IP rated 67, available in a range of colours.

Read about our IP ratings here.

Alongside the new products we introduced, 2019 has been very social.


We kick-started 2019 by showcasing at Southern Manufacturing at Farnborough in February. In June, our MD and international Senior Sales Engineer showcased our high-quality push-button switches at Infocomm in Orlando, Florida. Lastly, we ended our exhibitions of 2019, at the Engineering Design Show in October, where our sales Engineers and marketing team showcased a range of our latest products.

2019 was also a social year for us, as we proactively reached our customers and new readers through social media, e-newsletters and RJS Blogs.

RJS Blogs:

This year we revamped our blogs to keep you updated with us but also introduced a range of blog series.

Starting with the ‘411’ blog series, which are short snappy and informative about our products. We also introduced a guide series, designed to answer FAQs and provide in-depth information about our products and services.

We also shared our limelight through our Case studies blog series, where we reached out to our highly valuable and hardworking customers and shared their business story and the types of products we’ve been able to provide.

Additionally, we re-launched our e-newsletters, providing a monthly update on our key products and services. If you’ve missed out, why not join our mailing list today.

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So get following, liking, commenting and sharing our posts!


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