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IP Ratings Explained

IP Ratings explained

Getting in a muddle around IP ratings?

Need help identifying whether the component for your project needs to be IP rated? We’ve got you!

What are IP ratings?
IP ratings are standards set out by IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) under the 60529 standards document which specifies a classification system on the effectiveness in the sealing of enclosures of electrical equipment. This looks at the protection of factors such as dust and water/moisture.

The IP rating will depend on how hard wearing or weatherproof the component needs to be. For example, a metal push button switch in a swimming pool will need to be waterproof and hence this product will need a higher IP rated switch.

See the chart below outlining the IP rating and its characteristics.

IP Ratings Chart with definitions of IP ratings as set by the IEC

Our Rated Switches

Our range of panel mount switches showcases a variety of IP rated components.

Our metal Anti-Vandal switches are often used within security and door entry products. Usually based outdoors, these products need to be vandal proof and weather resistant. With this in mind, we provide switches that are IP65 to IP68 rated.

Metal anti vandal switches IP rated

IP65 metal switches
IP67 metal switches
IP68 rated metal switches

A selection of our navigation switches are also IP rated. With both IP65 and IP67 ratings available. Our SF25WA is a rubberised IP67 Navigation module that can be used within harsh environments. View here.

IP Rated navigation switches IP65 and IP67

IP65 rated navigation switches | IP67 rated navigation switches

Our PCB mount Toggle switches can also be sealed to IP65 and IP67, and are classed as washable. Appropriate for products suited in the marine industry, as well as varied outdoor equipment. We also offer both waterproof Miniature and sub-miniature Toggle switches.

Toggle switches ip rated waterporoof

IP65 rated Toggle switches | IP67 rated Toggle switches


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