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Case Study: Little Islands

Little Islands X RJS

Case Study: Little Islands X RJS

In this blog series we look to share our spotlight with our customers and their businesses.

RJS Electronics presents (drum roll) …

                                    ‘Little Islands.’

Who are little islands?

Little Islands is a company based in Lancashire UK. They create unique interactive environments, particularly focused on helping people living with dementia. Little Islands work closely with other residential homes and career workers who lead and organise activities.

The idea of Little Islands began when we were asked to create a Sensory Room designed specifically to stimulate communication for people living with dementia.”  

Although there were existing products and services available to help those with dementia. Little Islands were able to identify a gap in the market and launched Living walls.

Living walls is an on-site scenic display wall which was able to stimulate communication for people living with dementia. The display wall would use “sound, colours and smells, combined with memorable music and images, we could stimulate multiple senses in a focused manner and hopefully make a connection with the happy memories of the people involved.”

Little Islands motto: “Every Little Islands product is designed and built with love by people who are passionate about the care and communication of people living with dementia.”

From Living walls, they expanded their ethos and service by introducing the Jolly Trolley.  The Jolley Trolley, essentially is a cart which is designed and styles with over 17 themes, but most importantly is portable. The Jolley Trolley aims to provide entertainment and stimulate communication.

Earlier this year, Little Islands – the Jolly Trolley became an award-winning product for ‘innovation of the year’ recognised by the Design in Mental Health awards. Furthermore, the Jolly Trolley was shortlisted by the Care Home awards for best product.


Little home page, create unique interactive enviroments. RJS



Our role in the Little Islands journey:

Little Islands has been a customer of RJS Electronics in 2017.

We have been able to offer Little Islands with 16mm and 40mm push button metal switches, often they have selected our high head push button, brushed steel switch.

The push button metal switches offered have been push button switches both with ring LED illumination or without LED illumination.

Our push buttons switches have been used in their products: Jolly Trolley, Living wall and Living house which are larger scale projects which appeal to the senses.

Additionally, Little Islands have made use of our customisation service.

Push button metal switches are also referred to as ‘anti vandal switches’ because they are less likely to be damaged and have a long mechanical and electrical life.


Find little islands, Jolley trolley on instagram.


Recently, our sales engineer Rob Brown recently visited Little Islands and asked why they had chosen our anti-vandal switches. To which Little Islands Director Richard Benson responded: “We were looking for a ‘positive’ ‘tactile feel’ and ‘high-quality’ switch which we never have to replace.”

Since starting Little Islands, they have expanded their brand. They can offer internal, external and portable interactive environments purposely designed and built to help those with dementia and offer training to those providing care.

Click below and see more of their products and services.

Living Wall | Living Wheels |Living Home |Living Garden |Living Training


Click the links below to see Little Islands in action.

Jolly Trolley at The Chocolate Works

Jolly Trolley, a client’s view

Willowbrook sensory room

Belvedere Manor LifeByte

The meaning behind ‘Little Islands’ is to create a safe haven of calm and contentment in a potentially scary and chaotic world.

Visit their website to find out more about Little Islands.

PCB, Pots, encoders & knobs, available in a variety of colours, abs plastic, aluminium, shell with plastic insert & solid aluminium. Without LED illumination, with LED illumination, knobs usually plastic available in many custom options to loosen, tighten, push or pull, as a fixed handle. Used for many applications. RJS Electronics Ltd.




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