Audio & Visual (AV) Industry

We supply our Electro-mechanical components to a wide range of industries, especially to the Audio + Visual (AV) sector.

The AV industry is where it all began for RJS, and it goes without saying that we are experts in this field.

What is the AV industry?

This commercial industry comprises of audio and visual equipment and technology. For example, speakers and visual equipment like mixer desks, controllers, and processors.

What products do you supply to the AV industry?

We offer high quality audio and visual components to the AV industry. From Pots & Encoders, to RGB Broadcast push switches.

See below a selection of products we supply:

spg series, broadcast push button switch with led illumination, rectangular cap, pcb mount, rjs electronics ltdSPG SeriesOur SPG series comprises of a silent smooth Pushbutton switch with or without LED illumination, including RGB LED! Silent switches are crucial in audio applications where they require no audible background noises when recording.

rotary encoder switch, pcb, rjs electronics ltd

Encoders & Knobs

Our range of Pots and rotary Encoders are available as ‘through-hole’ or ‘SMT mounting style’.  Additionally, choose from horizontal or vertical types.

led illuminated encoders, rjs electronics ltd

LED Encoders

Our RJSIllume-12 consists of high precision LED illuminated rotary encoders, select from ‘flat type’ and ‘knurled’ actuator heads.

led indicators, pilot lights, led illuminated, panel mount, rjs electronics ltd

LED Indicators


We offer a range of panel mount LED indicators, pilot lights and panel indicators. Select from metal or plastic, available in sizes ranging from 6mm – 30mm, with a range of shapes and IP ratings.
relays, rjs electronics ltd


RJS Electronics Ltd supplies a wide range of Relays. This includes General purpose, Automotive Flashers, Automotive Relays, Communication Relays and Heavy-Duty Relays.

metal antivandal switches, led illuminated, rjs electronics ltd

Metal Switches

Select from 8mm – 40mm panel cut out. Available with or without LED illumination and choose from an array of material options including brushed steel, brass, or colour anodised aluminium. IP rated options are also available from IP65 to IP68.

rocker switches, rjs electronics ltd

Rocker Switches

We supply a wide range of Rockers supporting different sizes, voltages, types of actuators, configurations SPDT – 4PDT, panel mount and PCB mount, sealed IP rated options and more

Navigation Switches

RJS Electronics has a wide range of panel mount navigation switches which can support LED illumination and custom etching to suit your design.


Custom Switch

audio and broadcast switches with custom text etching, rjs electronics ltd

Our PCB and Panel Mount switches can support custom legends, colour material finishes and more. This is very useful within the AV industry where text, legends and symbols are often used to identify the function of the button. See below a few examples of how this is used within the AV industry.

push button switch on panel, custom legends illuminated, rjs electronics ltd

How to place an order?

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