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Find out more about our wide range of Encoder Switches

RJS Electronics Ltd - Encoder Switches, with LED illumination and custom etching. See for full range.

Find out more about our wide range of  ‘Encoder Switches’

In this blog post, we aim to give you a detailed guide about our wide range of  PCB (printed circuit board) and selection of  Panel Mount, encoder switches which support a range of, actuator heads and levers with LED illumination or etching options. Many of our electromechanical components can be customised including our Pots (potentiometers), Knobs and Encoders. An encoder switch is usually an electromechanical component that transfers information through a motion to command change within a larger electronic device. An encoder switch can be used to control a function or factors such as volume, temperature and speed (but not limited to these factors). An encoder can be a device, circuit, software programme to transfer information or PCB electro-mechanical component that is used for control.

Our wide range of Encoders is electromechanical components ideally used to select function and control or monitor a function. We have a wide selection of PCB encoders and panel mount encoders which commonly share a rotation feature and/or push button function. Additionally, many of our rotary encoder switches have a momentary push button function, this can be used to ‘Push to make’ or ‘Push to break’, either selecting a function that the device is monitoring or controlling.

Encoder switches which require motion to initiate change are rotary encoder switches. The rotary mechanism will either increase or decrease the operation as rotary encoder switches are used to monitor or control, a wide range of mechanical systems, industrial controls, robotics, photographic lenses, communication devices within commercial and domestic vehicles.

RJS Electronics supplies a range of PCB, rotary Encoders which are designed to control factors within an electronics device through rotation and push-button selection.

Here’s how to locate our encoders on our website.

Pots, Knobs & Encoders

Find our range of Encoders, listed under Pots, Knobs & Encoders under the PCB side on the navigation menu.

Visit RJS Electronics to see the full range of push button switches, metal and plastic switches and indicators with LED illumination and RGB switches, RJS Electronics Ltd.

When on the homepage, click on the products tab at the top of our website.  Our navigation menu will appear, click on Pot’s Encoders & Knobs, listed under PCB. This will take you to our product page which will display all our Pots, Encoders and Knobs. You can select one out of the three tabs ‘Encoder’ ‘Potentiometers’, ‘Knobs’ to further filter the products. This will display all our products related to this.

If you’re short for time, don’t worry. You can use the Product Filter at the side to pinpoint the products you are looking for. If in the unfortunate case, you can’t find what you’re looking for.

Contact us, our Sales Engineers will find the right product for you and your design.

Our range of ‘Encoders’ explained …

Here is how we have categorised our ‘Encoder’ switches.

PCB or Panel Mount?

Our PCB Encoders switches can be directly mounted (Printed Circuit Board). Surface mount PCB encoder switches (SMD/SMT) are designed to sit flat and directly on top of a PCB. Through-hole or ‘thru-hole’ PCB encoder switches are inserted into a drilled hole on the printed circuit boards and soldered to pads on the opposite side. For more information on our range of PCB push button switches and electro-mechanical components switches here.

However, Panel Mount switches are designed to for the device slightly differently as these components are designed to be inserted from below through the area cut. A panel mount component will sit behind or on top of a panel, sitting outside an enclosure. See our guide to panel-mount switch pins here. For our range of panel mount switches click here.

Here are a selection our PCB and Panel mount encoder switches.

PCB, Encoder without LED Illumination. See more for actuators and levers. RJS Electronics Ltd.





Is our PCB rotary encoder available without LED illumination. This encoder is part of the RJS-Encode-11 series which have a range of actuators and available as horizontal and vertical encoder switches. This rotary encoder is ideal for devices to monitor or control a function, commonly suited for communication, audio, visual and broadcasting industries.  Find out more here.

Panel Mount, Encoder, SF39EB, RJS Electronics Ltd.


Is our metal, Panel Mount, rotary encoder. This switch is multifunctional as the rotary encoder function has a central push button switch. This switch function supports a momentary function. The central push button can be customised with custom etching and illumination options, such as power symbol. This multifunctional rotary encoder is ideal for a range of devices supporting navigation, control or monitoring a function, commonly suited for communication, audio, visual, broadcasting, automotive, medical devices, holistic therapy and spa devices.  Find out more here.

PCB, Encoder with Power Symbol, RJS-SFA, black encoder with illuminated or etched power symbol. RJS Electronics Ltd.


Is a PCB rotary encoder with a LED power symbol illumination. Another variation of this rotary encoder cap is available. See our ‘How to order’ section on the RJS-SFA product page. This rotary encoder cap is ideal for a range of devices to monitor or control a function, commonly suited for communication, audio, visual and broadcasting, automotive, medical equipment and spa industries.  Find out more here.






Is our latest panel mount encoder. This rotary encoder switch is a multi-functional device supporting the following features: a full TFT display screen, a push-button function and rotary encoder. This particular rotary encoder switch can be programmed using ‘raspberryPi’ or ‘Arduino’. This multifunctional encoder is ideal for a range of commercial and domestic devices and suitable for a range of industries such as aviation, automotive, medical, communication and luxury spa devices. Find out more here.

 Vertical or Horizontal?

Focusing on the smaller details can have a huge impact on the overall feel and look of the device. Including where key electro-mechanical components are placed within the wider design of the electronic device. Here, we have you covered, so you can continue doing what you do best. We have a selection of PCB, rotary encoders available in horizontal or vertical type. Our PCB encoder switches are up to 11cm in height and can support LED illumination.

To find out more about how we can custom our rotary encoder switches, speak to us directly. Our highly trained and knowledgeable Sales Engineers can put you in the right direction.

Our range of PCB encoder switches is sub-categorised into two key Series.

Our RJSEncode-11 consists of high precision non-illuminated rotary encoders with a range of actuators. These rotary encoders are available in a horizontal and vertical position. Download the full PDF for more information.

Our RJSIllume-12 consists of high precision illuminated rotary encoders, select from  ‘flat type’ and ‘knurled’ actuator heads. Download the full PDF for more information on the dimension of shaft & bushing and LED options. These rotary encoders are available in a horizontal and vertical position.


RJSENCODE-11B20204 – Non-illuminated rotary encoder switch.
RJSEncode-11, PCB, Encoder without LED Illumination, available as horizontal and vertical encoder

Panel Mount, Encoder, RJSILLUME-12S24217KM - RJS Electronics Ltd
RJSILLUME-12S24217KM PCB Illuminated horizontal encoder, available as vertical and horizontal type. See more LED illumination colour options.

Encoder without LED illumination RJS Electronics LTD
RJSENCODE-11B20222 PCB, Horizontal encoder without LED Illumination

PCB, Encoder, RJSILLU ME-12S24204 - RJS Electronics Ltd
RJSILLU ME-12S24204– Red, PCB, Illuminated Encoder, available as Vertical and Horizontal Encoder

LED illumination Options*:

Our range of PCB, rotary encoders are available with the following LED options. See below the circuit diagram for LED illumination. *Please, be aware the colours shown below are purely for illustrative purposes and serve the purpose as a guide, actual LED illumination colour will slightly vary in shade and brightness. Speak to our Sales Engineers for more information on LED illumination options.

PCB, Push button Encoder Switches, with LED Illumination and non-illuminated encoders. RJS Electronics Ltd

Our PCB Encoders support Full LED illumination:

  • Single LED illumination available: Dual Colour LED Illumination available in the following combinations: Three colours
    ž   Red

    ž   Lawn green

    ž   Blue

    ž   Orange White

    ž   Green

    ž   Dark Orange.



    ž   Blue/Orange

    ž   Green/Red

    ž   Blue/Green

    ž   Red/Green

    ž   Green/Orange

    ž   Blue/Red

    ž   White/Red

    ž   White/Green.


    ž   Red/Green/Blue

    (speak to our Sales Engineers for more information on LED illumination options.)

  • Select for non-illumination encoder switch.

Bushing & Shaft Type.

Our non-illuminated PCB, rotary encoder switches are available with bushing type. For more information contact us today or download the full PDF.

Our illuminated PCB, rotary encoder switch is available with ‘flat’ type or ‘knurled’ type of actuators. For more information contact us today or download the full PDF.

Bushing + shaft type - PCB - pots, knobs & encoders - with LED illumination or without LED illumination. RJS Electronics Ltd

PCB Rotary Encoder Drawings

All our electro-mechanical components on our website have been updated with the latest product drawing, showing the product from the side view, top view and PCB layout including terminal options. We aim to give you detailed drawings including all dimensions, layout and the if the dimensions change with the application of accessories such as wiring, guards and covers.

For example:


drawing – Single LED illumination, horizontal type, Encoder switch.

RJSILLUME-12S24 – Single LED illumination, horizontal type, Encoder switchPCB- Pots, knobs & encoders, horizontal LED illuminated Encoder - single Colour drawing. - RJS Electronics Ltd



RJSENCODE-11B20204 – Non-illuminated rotary encoder switch.

RJSENCODE-11B20204 – Non-illuminated rotary encoder switch.PCB- Pots, knobs & encoders, horizontal Non-Illuminated Encoder - drawing. - RJS Electronics Ltd

Additional Information.

We, here at RJS Electronics, aim to give our customers as many facts and information about our products to help locate the correct product for your design. You can locate this listed under the attributes or listed in the table under the ‘drawing tabs’ under specifications. Or look to download our full PDF.

We aim to list all the key features of our products such as key product function, product dimensions, panel depth, electronic life, mechanical life, LED options, non-illuminated options, switch travel, configuration and terminal options. These are some of the product attributes we list, we aim to tailor the information to each product, keeping you in mind.

To find the right, encoder switch for your design we have listed additional product information such as rotational life, dent torque (af-cm), insulation resistance, pulses and dielectric strength.

Additional information - RJS Electronics Ltd

Suitable Industries

Currently, many of our PCB Encoders and panel mount Encoders are used by a range of commercial and domestic electronic devices. Many of our encoders are used in commercial devices in the broadcast industry and audio & visual industry.

See the full RJS Electronics Ltd, product range related to audio and video industry.
Broadcast Switches, RJS Electroncis Ltd.
See the full RJS Electronics Ltd, product range related to the Broadcast industry.




Similar Products

Similarly, our PCB encoders and panel mount encoders can be substituted for other electro-mechanical components such as non-illuminated tact switches and knobs. We have a large selection of knobs which can support custom etching and LED illumination, designed to support your design. Our knobs are available with ABS plastic, aluminium shells with plastic insert and solid aluminium.

For more technical information, Contact us today and speak to our Sales Engineers!

PCB, Pots, Knobs, Encoders, non-illuminated Knobs, customisable, etching, RJS Electronics Ltd.

Many of our PCB Encoders are currently used by a range of devices in the broadcast industry and audio & visual industry.

For more technical information, Contact us today and speak to our Sales Engineers!


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Covid-19 message RJS Electronics Ltd
Covid-19, 2020 message. RJS Electronics Ltd.


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