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LED Illuminated Switches

LED Illumination Title Page

What is LED illumination?


LED is an abbreviation LED stands for “light-emitting diode” and Illumination means something that shines.  Light-emitting diodes, LEDs for short, have been used in switches longer than we have been distributing, the use of LED illumination is an important feature in a wide range of commercial and domestic goods as LED illumination can signpost change or warning. Today, millions of LEDs are used for lighting up skyscrapers to the smallest of devices, covering a range of major part of industrial applications to domestic goods. LEDs illumination are economical and environmentally friendly, using low power and low heat with long service life, thus making LED illumination a key feature in many of our push button switches and electromechanical components.

Our LED illuminated electromechanical components have been used in a wide range of industries, such as Broadcast industry, domestic and commercial vehicles, lighting fixtures used for Entertainment, Exhibition, Hotels, Libraries and commercial and domestic spaces.

Types of Switches that support LED Illumination.


We have a wide range of PCB and panel mount electromechanical components which support LED illumination, one of the key features of our push button and electromechanical components. Other features include; a range of terminal options, easy to install such as snap-action. Some of our switches have a silent or click tactile feedback, low profile switches, micro travel switches, high-quality etching and customisation. See our available product range.

RJS103-22L-MD – Flat, mushroom, 25mm dot, LED illuminated push button switch








LED Metal Push button switches

SPG1 / SPG2 SQUARE, LED illuminated push button switch






PCB LED illuminated switches 

PB61303B – PCB, LED illuminated push button switch with momentary function.








LED Tact Switches

MLC – FLAT ROUND TYPE, LED illuminated, indicator. Panel mount, LED indicator.
CL SQUARE, FLAT – LED illuminated indicator panel.








LED Indicator Panels & Pilot Lights

illuminated Rocker Switch
R5 Rocker Switch – full face, LED illuminated rocker switch







Illuminated Rocker Switches

RJSPS22E EMERGENCY STOP 2, LED illuminated push button switch, round, industrial control, panel mount switch. RJS Electronics Ltd
RJSPS22E EMERGENCY STOP 2 – LED illuminated Emergency Stop push button switch.








Illuminated Emergency Switches

LED illuminated selector, panel mount switch
RJSPS1622A SELECTOR SWITCH – LED illuminated, square selector Switch.
keylock illuminated
RJSPS1622A RECTANGULAR – LED illuminated keylock switch








Illuminated Keylock and Selector Switches

LED illumination option.


Our plastic push button switches, knobs and encoders can support LED illumination.

Many our PCB switches can support a range of smart caps, meaning the switch housing can support a range of styles of caps which support multiple functions such as silent or feedback click, dual colour LED illumination or custom etching. Alongside a range of high-quality PCB and panel mount electromechanical components and metal and plastic push button switches, we also offer a range of LED illumination options. We are committed to giving your design our attention, helping you select the best component for your design.

See the range of LED illumination option our push button metal switches can support.

Our smart caps for our plastic push button switches are available in a range of sizes and shapes.

RJS1N1-12L-F-R-(LED)-(BSBLK)-(XV)-67J - red, panel mount, push button switch with LED illumination, LED illuminated push button switch. Ring LED, single, dual and RGB LED illumination. Latching function. RJS Electronics Ltd.

  • Ring

A LED Halo, around the centre of the push button switch.

Panel mount, high head, dot LED illumination, push button metal switch, IP rated. RJS Electronics Ltd.

  • Dot

The LED illumination is in the middle. For speciation on the diameter of the dot, speak to our Sales Engineers.

LED High Current Push Button Switch

  • Power symbol

The panel mount, push button switch with LED illumination, with a universal power symbol stamped or etched.

Custom LED Illumination

  • Custom Illumination

For Custom Etching and Stamping, speak to our Sales engineers and see how we can help you.

LED illumination colour options:


LED Illumination available in the following colours but not limited to, single LED illumination, bi-colour illumination and RGB LED illumination. RJS Electronics Ltd.

Please remember that the colours in the images are purely for illustrative purposes. The actual LED illumination will slightly vary in overall tone and vibrancy. For more information or to understand LED illumination please see more information about the selected product by downloading the full product PDF.

Single colour LED illumination:

Single Colour: component only displays single colour LED and when illuminated usually indicates the device is operational or signals fault.

Red | Blue | Green | White | Orange /Amber | Yellow

Dual Colour LED illumination combination:

Dual/ Bi-Colour- a component that allows two colours in a single LED, this means the colour will change from one to the other but not display together.

Red/Red | Red/Yellow | Red/Green  | Yellow/Green | Green/Blue | Blue/Red | White/Green | White/Blue

Many of our switches also support RGB.

RJS Electronics Ltd, LED Illumination, push button switches PCB panel mount, single, dual, RGB LED illumination.


IP Rating


Want to know if the LED illumination push button switch is IP Rated?  We’ve got you. We’ve made it easier, categorising our products in IP ratings in IP 65, IP 66, IP 67, IP 68.

We hope this makes it easier for you to quickly locate the key product you require making it easier and simple to place an order with us. Should you need further assistance, use our contact form and we will call you. We will discuss the amount, type, function, voltage, amp and LED illumination colour you may require. Should you require customisation such as accessories, custom wiring, etching or custom LED illumination. We can help!

Read more about IP ratings.

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