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Light Up Your Designs: Unveiling the Versatility of LED Illuminated Switches


In today’s fast-paced and visually driven world, LED illuminated push button switches have become an essential element in modern design and user experience. Whether you are creating cutting-edge audio-visual equipment, high-tech automotive interiors, or industrial control systems, these switches not only add an important design element but most importantly, enhance functionality and user engagement. Join us as we dive into the world of LED illuminated buttons and discover how they can elevate your products to the next level. Get ready to illuminate, captivate, and truly impress your users!

Types of LED Illumination

In the realm of LED-illuminated push button switches, there is an array of options to suit every design aesthetic and functionality requirement. Let’s explore the different types of LED illumination available:


  1. Single LED Illumination: This classic option features a single LED, typically available in various colours such as red, green, blue, yellow, and white. Each colour can convey a different meaning or provide visual feedback to the user. For example, red often signifies power or urgency, while green represents confirmation or success.


  1. Bi-Colour LED Illumination: With bi-colour LED illumination, you have the advantage of two LED chips within a single switch. This allows for dual-colour possibilities, such as red and green, or red and yellow. Bi-colour switches enable visual versatility and can be used to indicate different states or conditions, enhancing user interaction.


  1. RGB LED Illumination: The epitome of customisation, RGB LED illumination offers an exceptional range of colours by combining red, green, and blue LEDs. With RGB LEDs, you can achieve an extensive spectrum of hues to suit your specific function.


By choosing the appropriate LED colour or combining multiple colours, you can effectively convey messages, guide users, and enhance the overall user experience

Illumination Display Options

Ring Illuminated

Dot Illuminated

push button switch with custom led illumination, panel mount button

Legends or custom text / symbols

Benefits of LED illuminated PCB push button switches

LED illuminated PCB push button switches and tact switches offer a multitude of benefits, making them highly versatile and widely used across various industries. Here are some of their key advantages:

  1. Enhanced User Experience: By providing visual feedback and illumination, LED-illuminated switches greatly enhance the user experience. Users can quickly identify the switch’s position, status or function without having to guess or strain their eyes. This feature is especially important in low-light environments.


  1. Versatile Applications: LED illuminated switches can be used in a wide range of applications, including audio, video, industrial controls, automotive, medical equipment, and more. Their compact size, customisable options, and multiple colour configurations make them versatile and adaptable to various environments and requirements.


  1. Branding and Aesthetics: Illuminated switches also play an important role in branding and aesthetics. By customising the switch colour, shape, and graphics, companies can create a cohesive look for their products, enhancing their brand recognition and differentiation.

Illuminated Switch Series

See below a few examples of our illuminated switch series and their key features!



SPG5 15mm Broadcast push button switch with LED illumination, pcb mount, SPG series, LED switches, RJS Electronics Ltd

Our SPG series comprises of a silent smooth Pushbutton switch with or without LED illumination, including RGB LED!



RJS1N1LP-19M-F-R68J low profile LED anti vandal switch, RJS Electronics Ltd

Our ‘low profile’ metal switch range, available in sizes Ø12mm – Ø30mm. Available with single, bi-colour or RGB LED options. 



PB6151 plastic push button tact switch, led switches, rjs electronics ltd

The PB615 switch series is part of our PCB switch range. Available with an array of cap options, choose from single, bi-colour or RGB LED illumination.

panel mount switch


Navigation Switch: SF39BA 5 Way Switch momentary function, led illumination, Led Switches, rjs electronics ltd

This navigation module features 5 Key Navigation Switches. Available with white, yellow or blue single LED options. 


SP86N Series

SP86NA led illuminated plastic pcb push button rocker switch, LED switches, rjs electronics ltd

Our SP86 series is a piano style push button switch. Available with up to two dual colour LED indicators.


RJS-GME Series

Our RJS-GME switch series is our collection of gaming buttons, available in a range on shapes and single LED options.

In Summary

Overall, LED-illuminated PCB push button switches and tact switches provide reliable, user-friendly, and aesthetically pleasing solutions for various industries. Their versatility and adaptability make them indispensable components for designing modern and innovative electronic devices and equipment.

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