Many of our switches especially our plastic Push Button switches, metal Anti-vandal switches LED Indicator Pilot lights and PCB switches support LED Illumination. This could be single, bi-colour or RGB LED illumination.

Types of LED Illumination options:

Single LED IlluminationSingle LED illumination is the display of a single LED colour. Select from Red, Green, Yellow, White, Blue and Orange (Amber).
Bi-Colour LED IlluminationA bi-colour LED switch means it can display two colours together or alternate between two LED illumination. Select from Red, Green, Yellow, White, Blue and Orange (Amber).
RGB LED IlluminationSwitches that are listed with ‘RGB’ LED illumination, with the combination ‘red’, ‘blue’ and ‘green’, over a 16million hues of light can be achieved. However, some pinks and browns are difficult to achieve. See our range of RGB metal switches here.

LED Illuminated Anti-Vandals

Find the right LED Illuminated anti-vandal (metal Push Button) switch for you. 

Choose from a range of sizes, LED Illumination options, and, custom options including finishes and wiring.  

We have highlighted a few series.

LED Illuminated PCBs

Find the right LED Illuminated PCB Push Button switch for your project.  

Select from a range of tact switches and caps, sizesLED Illumination options, and, custom options including caps.

We have highlighted a few series.

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PS011A Series

Low profile, pcb push button switch with led illumination. LED Switches, LED Illumination options, RJS Electronics Ltd



Smart Caps - SPJ with other caps.


What are smart caps?

Many of our Push Button switches are available with an array of caps. These caps are referred to as Smart Caps.  

Find out more, if Smart Caps are suited for your project

How to find the right LED Illuminated switch...

Here are few things to consider when determining 

  • Functionality:  Momentary, Latching, LED Indicator. Other functions to consider are selector switches, key locking and emergency stop.
  • IP rating
  • Configuration
IP Ratings Chart with definitions of IP ratings as set by the IEC

Let us give you a breakdown of the IP ratings. Click to save or screenshot the table, for future reference. Many of our PCB and panel mount rotary switches are IP rated. For more information, read the full blog here.

IP65 Rated
Dust-tight, protected against water projected from a nozzle.

IP66 Rated
Dust-tight and protected against powerful water jets.

IP67 Rated
Dust-tight, protected against water immersion for 30 minutes between depths of 150mm to 1000mm

IP68 Rated
Dust-tight and protected against continuous water immersion.

Save the guide below to help!


Our LED-illuminated switches are commonly used for a range of applications for commercial and domestic purposes. Our switches can be used for any electronic device that requires to be turned on or off or function requires to be switched on or off. For example, our PCB switches can be used for industries such as Audio & Broadcast, Video and Medical Equipment.  See all our applications below.

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