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LED illuminated SF19BA joystick style, 19mm joystick LED illuminated switch, RJS Electronics Ltd



What are Joy Stick style switches?

A Joystick style switch is used within devices which are required to manually operate or control a function. They are ideal for remotely raising, lowering, and triggering movement right, left or up and down.

What are Joy stick switches used for?

Often, Joy stick switches are found in electronic toys or control devices such as TV controllers, but can also be found used for communication devices and control systems used to operate building machinery.


SF19BA - navigation style, two joystick style to choose from and available in plastic and with LED illumination. RJS Electronics Ltd

SF19BA features:

Our SF19BA JOYSTICK style is available with a momentary functioning

central tactile button or a 4-way momentary joystick.

Select from non-illuminated or single LED illumination (backlight),

choose from the single LED illumination colours Red, Green, Yellow and Blue.

Did we mention our SF19BA Joystick is IP65 rated (from the front)?



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