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Door Exit & Devices

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Have you ever pushed a button or pressed a switch to open a door? Well, those switches are ‘Exit Buttons’ or ‘Door Exit devices’. These nifty buttons are designed to release a door, to allow a point of entry and exit! Exit buttons or Door exit devices are commonly located inside a space close to entry and exit point and often hand height. Exit buttons and door exit devices are used as safety and security measures by restricting access.

See our range of exit buttons! These are widely used in variety of spaces including Hospitals, Shops and reception areas.

Currently, we offer two key series of exit buttons & switches which come in many shapes and sizes. Choose from ‘Press to Exit’, ‘Door Release’ or visual symbols. Our range of exit buttons forms an essential part of all access control systems where doors can be safely secured with the option to exit quickly.

Door exit buttons, RJS Electronics Ltd. RJS-EX1, RJS-EX2.


The RJS – EX1 series consists of 8 variations in two set panel sizes. Select from square or rectangular stainless steel or aluminium panel. This series has 4 symbol designs on a green flat head, push button switch.

Door exit buttons, RJS Electronics Ltd, RJS EX2 – Variations, stainless steel


This series consists of 7 variations. It has 7 different panel sizes available with green domed push button switch.

Door exit buttons, RJS Electronics Ltd, RJS EX2 – Variations, stainless steel


Our Door exit buttons are great for door entry and security purposes.


See our range of other switches which can be used for a variety of appliances and applications such as

Broadcast, Automotive, Control Panels, Audio & Video and Boat & Marine Building.

Applications RJS Electronics Ltd. Audio, Broadcasting, Video, Radio, MEdical, Automotive, Industrial Controls, Boat Building and Marine. RJS Electronics Ltd.


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