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KS01 Series

non illuminated and illuminated Push Button Switches, KS01 Range. RJS Electronics Ltd

We want to highlight our KS01 Series, cost efficient and versatile range of PCB, tactile switches ideal for a wide range of applications.

What is a Push Button Switch?
A pushbutton switch or alternatively known as push switches are usually small electronic components used in a wider circuit within an electronic device. Push button switches are available in a range of sizes, heights and depths suiting the electronic device. Often, Push Button switches are plastic or metal.  They are designed to be easily pressed with fingers and hands to either turn the device on or operate single or multiple functions of the electronic device.

PCB Push button switches?
A PCB switch is a switch that is directly mounted onto a PCB (Printed Circuit Board). Surface mount PCB switches (SMD/SMT) are designed to sit flat, directly on top of a PCB. Through-hole (‘thru-hole’) PCB switches are inserted into a drilled hole on the printed circuit boards and soldered to pads on the opposite side.

What is the KS01 Series?

The KS01 Series is a cost efficient range of PCB, tactile push button switches which support a range of LED options and customisable legends. Choose from a range of shapes, LED illumination options and terminal options. Our KS01 Series range supports Single LED illumination, Dual LED illumination or Non-Illuminated coloured caps.

Key Features:

  • Momentary Function
  • Supports multiple Caps
  • LED illumination options
  • Customisable

Momentary Function:

The KS Series contains PCB switches that are momentary functioning. The momentary function requires the switch to be pressed to turn on and off. When the switch is pressed, the actuator returns to normal state when the finger or hand is removed.

Tactile Click / Silent Tactile feedback:

The KS01 switch series supports the momentary function with a tactile click. The tactile click can be either silent / Noiseless or have click feedback, meaning it makes a ‘clicky’ sound that can be heard.

Caps and Legends:

The KS01 Series supports a range of caps and legends allowing us to create endless possibilities to support your design. Choose from round, square, flat or pointed* (KS01-D).

Our caps can be coloured caps or with LED illumination.



custom rotary switch markings, laser marking, rjs electronics ltd

This is an example of the possible etching and stamping we can provide. For more options, speak to our Sales Engineers Direct.


Our custom options include LED illumination, etching, stamping and the colour of the plastic casing. Need something that stands out? Ask our Sales engineers about the possibilities of our custom options suited for our KS01 series, including LED illuminated and the non-illuminated Push Button switches.

LED illumination options:

Our KS01 series support Single / Bi-colour or Dual colour and Non-Illumination and available in the following colours.

Single LED Illumination:Bi-colour LED Illumination:Non-Illuminated Cap colour:
RedRed/YellowBright/ Misty Silver
WhiteBlue/AmberBright/Misty/Gun-metal Black
White/AmberSky Blue

LED Illumination available in the following colours but not limited to, single LED illumination, bi-colour illumination and RGB LED illumination. RJS Electronics Ltd.

LED illuminated push button switches, RJS Electronics Ltd

Single LED illumination = the PCB switch will illuminate the chosen block colour.

Bi-colour/Dual colour LED illumination = the PCB will illuminate two colours, often transitioning between two. Dual colour LED illumination can be a fun and alternative way to signal when a function is in operation.

non illuminated pcb push button switches, coloured caps, custom, RJS Electronics Ltd

Non-illumination = Although the cap will not emit any LED illumination, our KS01 Series does offer a range of non-illuminated, coloured caps. Coloured caps can provide depth in colour and tone to your application.

Need more information?


Pole and Throw Configurations

RJS Electronics - SPDT explained

Many of our Push Button switches support a range of poles and throws. Our switches are commonly referred to as single pole and double pole which relates to the number of circuits that are controlled by the switch. The throw defines how many positions the switches poles can be connected to.

  • SPSP – single pole single throw
  • SPDT – single pole double throw
  • DPST – double pole single throw
  • DPDT – double pole double throw
  • 3PDT – Three poles double throw
  • 4DPDT – Four poles double throw

SPST switches make or break the connection of a single conductor in a single branch circuit. This switch type typically has two terminals and is referred to as a single-pole switch.

SPDT  switches make or break the connection of a single conductor with either of two other single conductors. These switches usually have three terminals and are commonly used in pairs. SPDT switches are sometimes called three-way switches.

DPST  switches make or break the connection of two circuit conductors in a single branch circuit. They usually have four terminals.

DPDT  switches make or break the connection of two conductors to two separate circuits. They usually have six terminals are available in both momentary and maintained contact versions.

Switch Configurations:

normally open (NO)  switch has contacts that are open or disconnected in their unactuated (normal) position. A normally closed (NC) switch has contacts that are closed or connected in their unactuated (normal) position.

Switch Configurations

The switches are electromechanical and available in different configurations including two-position On/Off, three-position, momentary, maintained and more.

Momentary ON – describes contacts that interrupt the circuit when the switch is in the normal, open (NO) position.

Momentary OFF – describes contacts that establish a circuit when the switch is in the normal, closed (NC) position.

Alternate ON/OFF – describes a switch where the first actuation turns the switch ON and the second actuation turns the switch OFF.



Our KS01 Series Push Button switches are commonly used for a range of applications for commercial and domestic purposes. Our switches can be used for any electronic device that requires to be turned on or off or function requires to be switched on or off. For example, our PCB switches can be used for industries such as Audio & Broadcast, Video and Medical Equipment.


See all our applications below.

Broadcast Switches, RJS Electroncis Ltd.



Door Entry/Security



industrial controls, RJS Electronics Ltd

Industrial Controls


Audio & Video

rjs-marine, boat building-thmb

Boat Building & Marine.

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