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Case Study: Advanced Electronics Ltd

advanced x rjs electronics ltd

Case Study: Advanced Electronics Ltd

In this blog series, we share our spotlight with our customers and their businesses.

Advanced Electronics Ltd’  a Halma company.

Who is Advanced?

 Advanced is a world leader in the development and manufacture of intelligent fire systems. Advance’s reputation for performance, quality and ease of use see its products specified in locations around the world, from single-panel installations to large, multi-site networks. Advance’s products include complete fire detection systems, multi-protocol fire panels, extinguishing control, fire paging and false alarm management systems.  See their products here.

bespoke ip66 - advance X RJS Electronics Ltd

Advance has offices in the UK, USA, Dubai and India. They manufacture all their products in the UK to a high quality standard and hold global approvals. Alongside their products, visit their website to see the projects they have worked on nationally and internationally even on world-renowned landmarks. These are a few of the listed industries that Advance have contributed to:



Commercial & Financial | Leisure & Hospitality | Highrise | Landmarks | Sports & Ent | Education | Healthcare | Science & Technology | Government & Public |Retail |Industrial | Transport & Infrastructure | Residential | Cultural | Historic | Energy & Utilities.

Furthermore, Advance aims to support its customers from start to finish, providing invaluable information and technical support on their products and software. For information on their bespoke design and manufacture, see here.

Download their brochures and literature:

How have RJS Electronics helped?

“ For a decade RJS Electronics Ltd’s components have formed an integral part of many of our custom-made AdSpecials panels. RJS’ integrated LED switch has allowed us to create more compact designs where space is at a premium, and even though our panels are built with functionality in mind, also offer a more aesthetically pleasing finish. Our fire alarm control and indicating equipment are installed in a wide range of sites including educational and healthcare and science and technology facilities, industrial and manufacturing plants, high-rise buildings, critical infrastructure, transport hubs and more. “ – Advanced.

We have been able to supply Advanced Electronics Ltd with key products since 2010. Mainly offering our anti-vandal push button metal switch with LED illumination. Advance use the 16mm antivandal switch in many of their fire system panels

Anti-vandal switches are another name given to our high quality and durable panel mount, push button switches. We have a vast range of panel mount, push button switches in a variety of sizes, shapes, LED illumination options.

How to find the anti-vandal switches on our website:

Let us give you a quick guide to our panel mount, push button switches.

PSH Button RJS Electronics Ltd

Select from metal or plastic push button switches.

select from Plastic or Metal - RJS Electronics Ltd.

We offer a range of sizes, select from 8mm – 42mm.

Select your panel mount, metal push button size, RJS Electronics Ltd.

Choose from the following types of switch.

ball head - high current - push button switch - rjs electronics ltd
Ball Head: The head of the switch is slightly rounded.
high head - high current - push button switch - rjs electronics ltd
High head: The head of the switch is raised.
flat head - high current - push button switch - rjs electronics ltd
Flathead: The head of the switch is flat and in level with the bezel.








customisation (swt shape) - RJS Electronics - catalogue page 8 - high head, ball head, flat head, RJS Electronics Ltd.

Select the function of the push button switch, choose from Momentary function or Latching function.


Next, select from the LED illumination display options available for the push button switch selected.

customisation (LED Options) - RJS Electronics - catalogue page 8 - LED Illumination Option RJS Electronics Ltd.

Ring LED Illumination | Dot LED illumination | Power symbol LED illumination | Custom *

LED colour option.

PCB, Push button Encoder Switches, with LED Illumination and non-illuminated encoders. RJS Electronics Ltd

Single LED Illumination | Bi-colour LED illumination | RGB LED Illumination* | Without LED illumination.

See more of the product attributes to understand IP rating and see all dimensions.

IP Ratings explained by rjs electronics Lt. IP 67, IP68.











Visit their website to find out more about Advanced.

Twitter: @Advancedlive | LinkedIn: @Advanced-electronics-ltd


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