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What are Sockets and Connectors?

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Question: What are Sockets and Connectors?


Sockets and connectors go hand in hand. They are designed to connect one component to another. Typically, Electrical connectors consist of plugs (male-ended) and jacks (female-ended). Generally, electronic connectors are either male or female, or a combination of the two. *

Connectors are used to join subsections of circuits together. Usually, a connector is used where it may be desirable to disconnect the subsections at some future time: power inputs, peripheral connections, or boards which may need to be replaced. Connectors may join two lengths of flexible copper wire or cable, or connect a wire or cable to an electrical terminal.

Common types of commercial electronic connectors include board connectors, terminal blocks, phone jacks, wire-to-wire connectors and audio and video adapters.

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*Gender – The gender of a connector refers to whether it plugs in or is plugged into and is typically male or female


Find our range of sockets and connectors.

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Did you know we can customise the wires to suit your design?

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