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What are LCD Displays?

411: LCD display

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Question: What are LCD Displays?

An LCD is a thin flat panel, the LCD is an acronym for  liquid crystal display. LCD displays allows the display of text and images and is often used as part of on screen navigation and communication.

An OLED is a light emitting diode which contains thin flexible sheets of an organic electromagnetism material used for visual displays. Essentially, consume less power, eco-efficient.



LCD Character Displays

  • Available in the following sizes:

8×1, 8×2, 16×1, 16×2, 16×4, 20×01, 20×02, 20×04, 24×02, 40×1, 40×2, 40×4

  • Different colour LED backlight available
  • Top or bottom viewing angles

LCD Graphic Displays:

  • Available in the following pixel sizes:

122×32, 128×64, 240×64, 128×128, 250×128

  • Different colour LED backlight available
  • Top or bottom viewing

OLED Displays:

  • Super clear OLED displays use organic LED technology
  • Available in standard sizes to replace existing STN LCD modules: 08×02
  • OLED mini display up to 20×04 or 40×02
  • Character display:    50×16, 76×16, 100×8, 100×16, 100×32, 200×16, 96×64, 128×32, 128×64, 132×32
  • OLED Graphic displays: 256×64


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