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Inside RJS Electronics Ltd.

Inside RJS Electronics Ltd About Us.

Inside RJS Electronics Ltd.

The hands behind RJS Electronics Ltd.


Hello! Welcome to the world behind RJS Electronics Ltd.

You may be familiar with our products and services but here’s a few things you didn’t know about us…

We are a family-run business based in Bedford, Bedfordshire, United Kingdom,

which is approximately 40 minutes north of London.


Our team consists of 10 people:

Rick | Debbie | Suzi | Sarah | Rachel | Jalal | Jamie | Rob | Daniella | Nina


RJS Electronics was founded in 2003 by MD Rick Sucher and Finance Director Debbie Sucher.

MD – Rick Sucher, not only founded the company but oversees the entire operation. Outside the office our MD is big Tottenham Hotspur Fan, he never misses a game!

Finance Director – Debbie, keeps the accounts in check, managing finances coming in and out!
When Debbie isn’t at work she loves to garden and growing things in her greenhouse


Inside RJS - Finance & Admin


Ops manageress:  Suzi books in, processes orders and checks the orders before they leave us to reach you.
Interesting fact about Suzi is she is a mummy to two beautiful boys Luke (2) and Theo (14 months), that’s just over a year between them!

Credit controller: Sarah authorises accounts and credit limits, ensuring you don’t miss the payment. Outside of work, our Sarah is learning an american dance called Lindy Hop!

Sales Administration: when orders are confirmed, Daniella ensures packs and deals with distribution/shipping.
When Daniella isn’t at work she enjoys travelling around Europe!



Sales:  Jamie works closely with clients and customers in around London.
Interesting fact about Jamie is that he’s climbed a volcano/mountain Teide in the Canary Islands, Spain – that’s a 3,718 m!
Rob has been at RJS for 10 years, and works with clients and customers around the UK. Outside of work,
He is a proud Dad to a “5 year old girl who is going on 15.”
Jalal works closely with our international clients and customers.  I bet you didn’t know He’s a huge Arsenal Fan!

All our sales advisers offer great and friendly advice on which products are best suited for projects, devices and industries.

Marketing: Rachel and Nina, create content for our social media channels, blogs & regularly update the website.
Interesting facts about our marketing duo; Our Rachel is a dog-lover, especially her cockapoo Bertie!
Whereas Nina loves visiting NYC, she’s almost a local!


When it gets super busy, its all hands on deck!


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