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411: Non-Illuminated Tact Switches

non-illuminated tact switches RJS Electronics Ltd

411: Non-illuminated Tact Switches


Let us give you the 411 about our non-illuminated tact switches.

In this instance, we are referring to tact switches which do not illuminate. Tact switches are small compact switches, designed to mount PCB boards, made to connect electronic components to form an electronic circuit. Tact switches or tactile switches are a great alternative to push button switches. As they tactile switches are often small or micro in size and require less force to operate.

We have over 60 types of non-illuminated tact switches, including sealed and standard type tact switches with either a silent or click response. Sealed tact switches are dust protected and water-resistant. Many of our non-illuminated tact switches are IP67 rated (unless stated otherwise).

tact switches RJS Electronics ltd.


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