Our Guide To LED Illuminated Buttons


What are LED Illuminated Buttons?

LED illuminated buttons (also referred to as switches) are a type of switch that is designed to provide visual feedback when they are engaged. These switches are typically used in applications where it is important to know whether a circuit is on or off at a glance.

The switches feature a small LED light that is built into the switch, which illuminates when it is turned on. This light can be used to indicate a variety of information, such as whether a device is powered on or off, whether a specific setting has been selected, or whether a particular function is active.

Types of LED Illuminated Switches

LED illuminated buttons are a popular choice for many different applications thanks to their sleek appearance and ease of use. There are two main types of LED illuminated buttons: PCB mount and panel mountPCB mounted buttons are typically smaller and designed to be soldered onto a printed circuit board, making them an ideal choice for smaller devices. Panel mount buttons are larger and designed to be mounted onto a panel or enclosure.

Common types of panel mount LED illuminated buttons include broadcast push buttons, anti-vandal push buttons, illuminated rockers and toggles, and more. Broadcast push buttons are typically used in the audio & broadcast industry and feature bright, easy-to-spot colours. Anti-vandal push buttons are designed to withstand vandalism and tampering, making them a great choice for outdoor use. Illuminated rockers and toggles are popular in industrial settings, as they are easy to use even when wearing gloves or other protective gear.

Button Types

Benefits of LED Illuminated Buttons

LED illuminated switches offer a range of benefits compared to traditional non-illuminated switches. Firstly, they provide clear visibility in low light environments, making it easier for users to locate and operate the switch. This can be particularly useful in dimly lit rooms or in automotive and aviation applications during night-time usage. Secondly, they offer a longer lifespan than traditional switches, and require very little maintenance. Thirdly, LEDs are energy efficient and consume minimal power, making them a cost-effective solution for businesses and homeowners alike. Finally, LED illuminated switches are available in a range of colours and designs, allowing for greater personalisation and customisation. 

The versatile uses of LED buttons in Various Applications

LED illuminated switches are popular in a wide range of applications, including home automation, automotive, audio & broadcast, marine, and aerospace industries, to name a few. They are available in a variety of colours, shapes, and sizes to accommodate different design requirements.

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