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What is an Antivandal Switch?

Metal push button switches or antivandal switches are hardwearing panel mount components, designed to switch a current or a signal. They can be found in a range of applications particularly in high use areas, such as traffic crossings or door entry systems. Their robust nature means they are a reliable option for products facing repetitive use. Not only are they a sturdy option, but they can also be very pleasing on the eye, with a vast range of design options. From LED illumination to custom etched symbols/logos – keep reading for more on custom options!

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3 main points to consider when choosing your antivandal switch

    1. Function – Momentary or Latching? Are you switching high current or a signal?
    2. Determine your hole size & depth of panel, are there any restrictions? If so, our low profile RJS1N1LP Series may be right for you!
    3. Make it look good – LED illumination? Coloured material finishes?


Now let’s take a look in more detail…

Size Guide

Sizing is important, as this determines both design and function. Too small, and the button may not be fit for purpose! Or maybe make a statement with a bigger switch, the choice is yours! Our most popular size is our 19mm antivandal push buttons, this suits a wide range of applications. Select from our range of sizes below!

 8mm     10mm    12mm    16mm    19mm    22mm    25mm    30mm    40mm 

Momentary or Latching?

Latching switches, commonly referred to as On/Off, remain on until the user pushes the button again and releases the circuit. This may be particularly handy if you are switching power to a device.

Momentary switches only remain on when the switch is physically pressed down, once the user releases the button the circuit breaks. Applications requiring a signal would work perfectly with a momentary switch. For example, a door entry system would only want a signal momentarily to alert the user.

Poles & Throws

Number of poles required will depend on how many circuits you have, single pole would work for one circuit whereas a double pole switch would work for two circuits.

  • SPST (single pole, single throw) switches make or break the connection of a single conductor in a single branch circuit. This switch type typically has two terminals and is referred to as a single-pole switch.
  • SPDT (single pole, double throw) switches make or break the connection of a single conductor with either of two other single conductors. These switches usually have three terminals and are commonly used in pairs.
  • DPST (double pole, single throw) switches make or break the connection of two circuit conductors in a single branch circuit. They usually have four terminals.
  • DPDT (double pole, double throw) switches make or break the connection of two conductors to two separate circuits. They usually have six terminals are available in both momentary and maintained contact versions.

IP Ratings

What are IP Ratings? – IP ratings are standards set out by IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) under the 60529 standards document which specifies a classification system on the effectiveness in the sealing of enclosures of electrical equipment. This looks at the protection of factors such as dust and water/moisture.

The IP rating will depend on how hard wearing or weatherproof the component needs to be. For example, a metal push button switch on a hot tub, will need to be waterproof and hence will need a higher IP rating.

IP65Dust tight, protected against water projected from a nozzle.
IP66Dust tight and protected against powerful water jets.
IP67Dust tight and protected from water immersion for 30 minutes between depths of 150mm – 1000mm.
IP68Dust tight and protected against continuous water immersion.

LED Illumination

Now you’ve selected the key features of your antivandal switch, here are some additional features you may need to consider…

Does your antivandal switch require LED illumination? Standard options include ring, dot or power symbol, or perhaps speak to our sales engineers about a custom illuminated design!

Single, bi-colour or RGB LED illumination is available across a number of our antivandal switches. See the colour options listed on our single product pages.

Custom Options

Let’s get personal. Our antivandal switches can be customised to bring your project to life.

Options include:

  • Material finishes – choose a from a range finishes from polished brass to an array of colour anodised aluminium finishes.
  • Custom etching or stamped markings – either to illuminate or make a statement on its own.
  • Wiring – need wiring for your switch? We have you covered!

custom finishes for antivandal switches, rjs electronics ltd

Featured Switches

19mm low profile push button switch, anti vandal proof, led illuminated, antivandal, metal push button switch, non- illumination, high head, flat head, ball head, push button switch, Single LED illumination, Bi-colour LED Illumination, RGB Illumination, ring LED illumination, dot illumination, dual illumination, power symbol, custom options available RJS Electronics Ltd.

Low Profile ‘RJS1N1LP’ Switch Series

RJS1N1LP switches are the latest edition to RJS’s ‘low profile’ switch range, available in sizes Ø12mm – Ø25mm with IP67/IP68 rating and RGB illumination. This entire series has an ultra-low profile of 12.3mm from the underside of the bezel. In a typical 3mm panel this would mean there is only 9.3mm behind the panel including switch terminals.


High current, non illuminated push button switches, available in stainless steel and aluminium black, available in sizes 16 – 25mm or choose with ring LED or ring and power LED illumination in momentary and latching function. RJS Electronics Ltd.

High Current RJSX07 Switch Series

RJSX07 high current switches are now available at ratings of 12V/20A & 24V/15A resistive load. Switch circuit options are 1NO (16mm,19mm,22mm,25mm) or 2NO (22mm and 25mm) and are IP67 rated (at the front). Available with LED illumination (ring, power or custom symbol). The RJSX07 High Current Switches replace traditional multiple components assembly with their single unit design.



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