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What are Selector Switches?

Selector Switches with LED illumination, ring LED illumination IP rating, round, sqaure or rectangular, RJS Electronics Ltd.

We have a vast range of selector switches that are available with two or more positions and support LED illumination.

What are selector switches?

Selector Switches are a fun alternative to anti-vandal switches for the device requires more than just being turned on and off. A selector switch is required when more than one control option is needed, for example, it requires to be turned on for a set time or when turned on it requires to be set on a specific option. Selector switches are on the front of a panel, easy to locate and touch.

Selector switches come as a complete unit often listed as a terminal block meaning the selector switch is a complete block (consisting of selector switch actuator, contact block, and fixing collar) which makes it ready and easy to install. This is not to be confused with rotary knobs or encoders, as Selector switches are a complete panel mount switch.

What types of selector switches are available?

Overall all Selector switches have a rotary feature which allows the Selector switch to rotate or pivot between the set positions.

What are the Key Features of our Selector Switches?

Material: Hard Plastic which is durable and hardwearing.

Size: 16mm / 22mm / 30mm

Select from these three sizes to suit your project.


Shape: Round / Square – although the turning actuator is round.

Square selector switch with LD illuminaiton and custom illumination RJS Electronics Ltd
RJSPS1622A SELECTOR SWITCH – Square Selector Switch
RJSAS30E SELECTOR BUTTON, round non-illuminated selector switch - RJS Electronics Ltd.
RJSAS30E SELECTOR BUTTON – Round Selector Switch

Functionality: Our selector switches are momentary switches (also listed as maintained) which means the selector switch stays in the position its been rotated into until rotated again.


LED illumination options: Our Selector switches can be fully illuminated, ring LED illumination outlining the actuator or support illuminated symbol or marking on the actuator. Alternatively, our selector switches are available without any LED illumination but can still support custom etching or stamping to suit your design or logo.

Ring LED Illuminated Selector Switch

Round, RING LED Illuminated Selector Switch, Panel Mount, available with custom symbol. RJS Electronics Ltd.


Full LED Illuminated Selector Switch

Round Illuminated Selector Switch with Full LED single Illumination


Custom LED Illuminated Selector Switch



Positions: Typically a Selector switch will have two or more positions in which it can rotate or pivot between. The number of positions gives you an indication of how many indents turns the selector switch has before returning to the original position ( back to off position or 0).

2 Positions  or 3 Positions

IP rating: Many of our Selector Switches are IP65 rated. IP65 (front) means that the front of the Selector switch is dust-tight and protected against water projected from a nozzle.

IP ratings are standards set out by IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) under the 60529 standards document which specifies a classification system on the effectiveness in the sealing of enclosures of electrical equipment. This looks at the protection of factors such as dust and water/moisture. The IP rating will depend on how hard wearing or weatherproof the component needs to be. For example, a metal push button switch in a swimming pool will need to be waterproof and hence this product will need a higher IP rated switch.

IP Ratings explained by rjs electronics Lt. IP 67, IP68.

See more for IP rating.

Additional benefits:


Our Selector switches support SPDT / DPDT (single pole double throw / double pole double throw). This will indicate how many circuits can be controlled.

Configuration: By configuration, we are referring to ‘Poles and Throws’. A switch will have two terminals for the current to flow through, to come in and come out. The Poles and Throws determine how many separate circuits the switch can control and the Poles indicate how many switch poles It can be connected to.
Pole and Throw Configurations.

configuration rjs electronics ltd, SPD, DPDT, RJS Electronics Ltd

We have a range of Selector switches that support a range of poles and throws. Selector switches are commonly referred to as single pole and double pole which relates to the number of circuits that are controlled by the switch. The throw defines how many positions the switches poles can be connected to.

• SPDT – single pole double throw

SPDT  Selector switches make or break the connection of a single conductor with either of two other single conductors. These switches usually have three terminals and are commonly used in pairs. SPDT switches are sometimes called three-way switches.

• DPDT – double pole double throw

DPDT Selector switches make or break the connection of two conductors to two separate circuits. They usually have six terminals are available in both momentary and maintained contact versions.

Can they be customised?

Yes, many of our electromechanical components can be customised including our selector switches. They can support custom etching and stamping. For custom LED options, please speak to our Sales Engineers who can advise on the possibilities.

RJS Electronics Ltd, panel mount custom electromechanical switches with led illumination or without led illumination, supporting custom etching and stamping, supports coloured caps and metal colour finishes, black annodised or gold finishes, brushed or polished steel RJS Electronics Ltd

see all the panel mount and pcb custom options available by RJS electronics Ltd, from custom metal finishes, LED illumination options, custom etching and stamping to wiring and connectors.


Which Application(s) use Selector Switches?

Selector Switches can be used by a range of industries for a variety of applications. Here are some of the industries and applications our Selector Switches have been used for.

RJS Electronics Ltd, applications, broadcast, audio, media, mediacal, automotive, boat and marine, RJS Electronics Ltd

  • Automotive – Commercial Goods Vehicles
  • Building and public works – For interior controls
  • Industrial Controls
  • Control system panel builders
  • Public Spaces for lighting controls
  • Medical Equipment
  • Large Commercial Kitchen Appliances
  • Domestic appliances – such as kitchen aids, heaters, ovens, toys and beauty devices.
  • Home Automation devices

RJS Electronics Selector Switch Series:




  • RJSMS22E



  • RJSPS1622A



  • RJSPS1622B




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