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What are LED illuminated indicators?

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What are LED Illuminated Indicators?

LED indicators or switches with indicators can also be referred to as switches with LED illumination. These switches have a dedicated permanent fuse built into its circuitry and can be found used in domestic appliances and commercial appliances used by a wide range of industries such as automotive, within industrial control panels, broadcasting and marine and boat building.

LED indicators, usually look like push button switches without the momentary and latching function. LED indicators are plastic or metal that are designed to signal change or error through LED illumination. This could be through the LED colour illumination changing from one colour to another.

What types of indicators are available?

To easily find the type of indicator you may need for your design, we have categorised our LED indicators into three main categories.

Key Features of Plastic LED Indicators 

  • Available in Square and Rectangular shape
  • Available in Flat, Round and Domed head shape
  • LED Illumination options
  • IP65 / IP67 rated from the front.

Key Features of our metal LED Indicators

  • Available in sizes from 6mm  – 30mm.
  • Custom metal finishes available.
  • LED Illumination options.
  • Available with relevant nuts and  O-rings.

Key Features:

  • Available in a range of sizes in a square and rectangular shape. They can easily connect to make bigger panels.

What are LED indicators used for?


LED Indicators are used for a wide range of applications within a variety of industries. For example, LED Indicators are easily identified in products such as kitchen appliances such as kitchen cookers to motorbike indicators. LED indicators have versatile and varied use and suited to a wide range of industries including automotive, medical devices, door entry and security to audio and broadcast.  For technical questions such as how to fit or if our LED indicators have resistors, our experienced and knowledgable Sales Engineers can help.

Some of the key industries that our LED indicators are used within the automotive, marine,  door entry industries, broadcast and audio  including  a range of medical equipment, recreational leisure appliances such as foot spas and other spa related equipment, as  part of  industrial control panel and even commercial and domestic kitchen aids.

LED illumination options:

Our LED illuminated indicators can fully display LED illumination, split screen LED illumination or dual colour LED illumination display.

LED illumination colour options:

LED Illumination available in the following colours but not limited to, single LED illumination, bi-colour illumination and RGB LED illumination. RJS Electronics Ltd.

Please remember that the colours in the images are purely for illustrative purposes. The actual LED illumination will slightly vary in overall tone and vibrancy. For more information or to understand LED illumination please see more information about the selected product by downloading the full product PDF.

Single colour LED illumination:

Single Colour: component only displays single colour LED and when illuminated usually indicates the device is operational or signals fault.

Red | Blue | Green | White | Orange /Amber | Yellow

Dual Colour LED illumination combination:

Dual/ Bi-Colour- a component that allows two colours in a single LED, this means the colour will change from one to the other but not display together.

Red/Red | Red/Yellow | Red/Green  | Yellow/Green | Green/Blue | Blue/Red | White/Green | White/Blue

Many of our switches also support RGB, ask our expert Sales Engineers. 

Many of our metal LED indicators are IP rated.

For more information on IP Rating, see our blog post.

IP Rating: Our LED indicators are IP rated (from the front) which means that our LED indicators are sealed and/or waterproof, making them hardwearing and durable in a range of conditions.

IP Ratings explained by rjs electronics Lt. IP 67, IP68.

Let us give you a break down of the IP ratings. Click to save or screenshot the table, for future reference. Many of our PCB and panel mount Slide switches are IP rated. For more information about IP ratings, click to read our blog about IP rating.

IP65 Rated
Dust-tight, protected against water projected from a nozzle.

IP66 Rated
Dust-tight and protected against powerful water jets.

IP67 Rated
Dust-tight, protected against water immersion for 30 minutes between depths of 150mm to 1000mm

IP68 Rated
Dust-tight and protected against continuous water immersion.



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