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Welcome 2021 – Three of our Latest Products

Wishing all our customers and visitors a very Happy New Year. Let’s hope that this is a year better spirited and healthier year for all.

Although 2020 had its uncertainties, we here at RJS Electronics Ltd, were able to continue providing our great quality electromechanical components worldwide.

We supply a wide range of electromechanical components such as  push button switches, navigation modules, indicators and more, see our full product range here

Over the years our product range has expanded, here, we narrowed it down to three key products of 2020.



Infrared switch, proximity switch, touchless exit switch with dual colour led illumination, green LED illumination and blue LED illumination, RJS Electronics Ltd.

No Touch, Touchless Door Exit Switches:

RJS-TLS: Our No touch, Touchless Door exit switch series consists of the main switch: RJS-TLSW0/TLSW-68, available with metal (stainless steel/aluminium) panels in a range of sizes.

The RJS-TLSW0/68 is a 28mm switch which uses infrared technology to detect motion. Currently, our touchless switch is available in three, set motions: Momentary version, sensitive distance and adjustable delay version. For more information speak to our Sales Engineers direct.

Additionally, the touchless switch has dual LED illumination to indicate when the switch is in standby mode or active. Currently, the LED colours available are Blue and Green. (For more information on IP Rating, read our blog:

Key Features:

  • 28mm touchless switch with Infrared technology
  • Dual colour LED illumination (Blue – Green)
  • IP68 version available.
  • Can be customised with stamping/etching.*

Application: The Touchless switch, door exit switches are ideal for a range of applications and domestic and commercial environments for entry and exit within communal residential homes, showrooms, galleries, exhibitions and commercial outlets. Or for use within public transport and interior lighting systems.

Read more about our No touch, Touchless switch series here: “Touchless Exit Buttons & Door Exit Devices” 


high current push button switch, led illuminated. ip rated, antivandal switch, rjs electronics ltdhigh current metal push button switch with led illumination, RGB LED available, rjs electronics ltd

High Current Switches:

What are they: Our High current switch series: RJS107/RJS207/RJS106 range of switches available in 16mm – 25mm and support LED illumination options. This replaces traditional multiple component assembly  with this single unit design. Our high current switches are available at ratings of 12V/20A and 24V/15A resistive load.  See the full range of our High current switches here: (

Key Features:

  • IP Rated
  • 16-25mm switch size touchless switch with Infrared technology
  • LED Illumination options: Ring, Power symbol or without illumination
  • Can be customised with stamping/etching.*

Applications: High current switches are ideal for a range of applications used within a variety of industries.

Read more about our High current switches. “The 411 about our High Current Switches series, RJSX07”


Momentary PushButton application, full screen TFT Roatry Encoder, RJS-SDE, RJS ELECTRONICS LTD.


RJS-SDE/RJS-SDE-P: Is our multi-functional and multi-purpose rotary encoder switch, available in a metal casing and a plastic casing. It is fully programmable using Arduino or Raspberry Pi. For more information on programming the RJS-SDE, speak to our Sales Engineers direct.

Key features:

  • 50.5mm diameter
  • IP65 Rated (front)
  • Low Profile, push button function
  • Full colour display
  • 360◦ Rotary function


Application: Our RJS-SDE/RJS-SDE-P can be used for a wide range of application for domestic and commercial environments. For example, the RJS-SDE and RJS-SDE-P are ideal for control within the home, office or commercial space. Additionally, it’s a great component for control within a private or commercial goods vehicle

Read more about our RJS-SDE here: ” Product of the Month | RJS-SDE Switch” 

RJS Update 2021: We are open and still operating however please be aware there may be some delays in receiving your goods due to COVID19.

How to place an order?

There are many ways to place an order and enquire about our products.

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