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PCB Push Button | RJS-SPD Series

pcb push button switch, spd series, rjs electronics ltd

Tactile Push Button Switch | RJS-SPD Series

Are you in search of a small PCB switch that is perfect for your project? Look no further… Our SPD series is a small PCB switch with a short body (low profile) that can mount into tight spaces!

This switch range is available with bright LEDs including single or RGB LED illumination!

The SPD is part of our tactile switch range, but what is a tactile switch? A tactile switch has more of a ‘clicky’ feel when pushed. This means it makes more of a click sound when pressed.

This versatile switch is available in a variety of switch and cap styles, use our handy ‘smart cap’ system to pick the cap for your project!

What are Smart Caps?

Our SPD switch uses the smart cap system which details what caps or adapters can be used with each switch. This presents all the cap options available in a clear and simple way!

See examples below!

switch smart cap guide for pcb push buttons, rjs electronics ltd


The SPD switch is suitable for a varied range of applications, both commercial and domestic.

Typical applications include;

  • Audio & Visual
  • Broadcast
  • Computer products
  • Domestic appliances

Key Products


push button switch with led illumination, pcb switches, rjs electronics ltdKey Features:

  • Momentary function
  • Single/bi-colour or RGB LED illumination
  • 12mm
  • Tactile click
  • Custom cap options


pcb push button switch, led illumination, rjs electronics ltdKey Features:

  • Momentary function
  • Single/bi-colour/RGB LED illumination
  • Caps range from 10mm to 17mm as standard
  • 10mm or 12mm base
  • Custom cap options


push button switch with led illumination, rjs electronics ltdKey Features:

  • Momentary function
  • Single/bi-colour LED illumination
  • Tactile push
  • 10 or 12mm base / Caps from 10mm – 17mm as standard
  • Through hole or SMD mounting style



Navigation switch, pcb mount, push buttons, SPD switch series, rjs electronics ltd Key Features:

  • 5x SPD switches mounted on a PCB
  • SP5T
  • Momentary
  • Custom laser cut legends for LED symbols

Browse the full range of our SPD switches here. Fancy more choice? Check out our full range of PCB switches here.


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