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411: Toggle Switches

411: toggle switches RJS Electronics Ltd. Toggle switches, non-illuminated, plastic, contact rating, IP67 rated. RJS Electronics Ltd.

The 411 on our Toggle Switches…

Toggle switches are a key component within a larger circuit. A toggle switch is designed to provide a path for current to flow through, either turning on or turning off (breaking or making a circuit). Toggle switches are operated by hand, usually, a small lever flicked up or down, left or right.

See the full range, each of our toggle switches belongs to a key series

1M | 1F | 1A | LPO | 2TE | 2U | 2TE | 2M | 2B

All our toggle switches are available with SPST – 5PDT, available with a range of actuators, bushing options and terminal options.

Basic specs of our toggle switch have 10~20A Toggle Switches and contact ratings of 15A/125VAC and 20A/125VAC.

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