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Low Profile Push Button Switches vs Normal Push Button Switches

IMG_9457 - low profile push button switch

Low Profile Push Button Switches vs Normal Push Button Switches

RJS Electronics Ltd has a wide range of PCB and panel mount push button, metal and plastic switches, rotary encoders with push button and navigation switches with multiple push button features. Many of our anti-vandal switches have key benefits making a key switch most suitable to your own design.

Our low profile switches are not just for keyboards,

In this blog post, we will explain the key features our push button switches including functionality, LED illumination options, potential custom options and highlight the significant difference between our ordinary (normal) push button switches and our low profile push button switches.

Momentary push button function vs. Latching push button function

Our momentary metal push button switch/ anti-vandal switch means this push button switch requires to be pressed to activate and deactivate a function, as the centre of the switch which goes down will spring back when pressed.

Alternatively, our latching metal push button switch/ anti-vandal switch which support latching functions, this switch still requires the switch to be pressed twice, once to activate and then to deactivate. However, when pressed, the centre of the push button switch will stay down, creating a short gap between the top of the switch and centre. For the push button switch to return to its natural self, it requires to be pressed again, this time it will release the centre of the push button. The latching push button feature can be visually and a sensory indication if a device has been switched on or off.

Recently, we introduced infrared touchless switches to our product range, RJS-TL series. For contactless/touchless switches which requires you to move your finger over the switch and it will operate. For more information on our latest range, see more here or speak to our Sales Engineers.

All our panel mount, metal push button switches support LED illumination options, custom options including wiring or are available without LED illumination. To see which panel mount, push button metal switches supports RGB Led illumination or Single or Dual LED options, speak to our Sales Engineers.

What are normal push button switches?

Normal, panel mount push button switches are both metal or plastic button switches, available in a range of sizes from 6mm* – 40mm and support custom etching or LED illumination options. Our normal metal push button switches can support a range of LED illumination options such as  (ring, dot, power or custom symbol) or the push button switch actuator is available as a high-head or ball head.*

Our normal, PCB push button switches are available in rectangular and square shape and support LED illumination as single, dual or RGB LED illumination. Many of our normal, PCB push button switches, may support smart caps or our range of ‘pots, knobs and encoder’ switches.

All our push button switches are supported with information about the panel depth and drawings to give you a better idea of height, weight and width of the push button switch.

411 switch travel explained. Micro switch travel vs mirco switch and low profile switch or standard switch. RJS Electronics Ltd.


What are Low profile push button switches?

Low profile switches are push button switches which are shorter in height giving them a low overall height. They are designed with the same diameter of our normal size push button switches however shorter in height. These switches are compact, meaning they take up less size behind the panel. Additionally, our low profile push button switches can are effective and economical, be sure to check the additional information listed on the product page and compare the mechanical and electrical cycles.

What are low profile switches used for?

Low profile switches are ideal for a range of functions such being the main switch to turn the device on and off.  Alternatively, the low profile push button switch can be ideal for accelerating another function of the device.

Our low profile push button switches have been used for a wide range of applications such as coffee machines for commercial and personal use, commercial ovens, goods and service vehicles, medical apparatus and luxury cinema-style seating are just a few examples. Many of our low profile switches, whether metal or plastic have been used by a wide range of industries such as automation, home automation, gaming, broadcast, audio and visual, door entry/ security and even by the medical industry.

What benefits of a low profile switch?

There are many benefits of a low profile switch, in particular, the height of the switch. Low profile switches are compact, meaning they take up less space behind and above the panel. They are ideal for thinner and sleeker devices and easy to install.

Our low profile switch range:

Low Profile switch, switches with LED illumination, ring LED illumination, brushed steel, anodised black or without LED illumination. Switches available from 12mm - 25mm and with micro travel, RJS Electronics Ltd.


Our ‘RJS1N1LP’ push button metal switches series are available in 12mm – 25mm metal, flat head push button switch. Our RJS1N1LP switches are easy to install


  • Low profile behind panel depth
  • Flathead, push button
  • The RJS1N1LP have a (max) depth of 14mm.
  • Micro travel < 0.5mm easy to press switch actuator
  • IP 67/ IP68 rated.
  • Available sizes 12mm – 25mm
  • Momentary push button function
  • LED Illumination (ring/custom symbol/ without)
  • Available with custom finishing and wiring*.

Our RJS1N1LP-19 19mm low profile is available with screw terminals or PCB type.


Series: SPDKT

SPDK - low profile switches, switches with LED illumination. available with single LED illumination, RGB ILLUMINATION, RJS Electronics Ltd.

  • Momentary push button switch
  • 9mm base and a 9mm cap
  • Full LED illumination
  • SPDKT available with Single, Bi-colour or RGB
  • LED illuminated switch, single/Bi-colour/RGB illumination
  • SMD mounting style
  • Low profile behind panel depth
  • Compatible with Smart Caps. RJS1N1T-12-B-R-(LED)-BS-(XV)-65Q

  • 12mm momentary LED push button switch
  • Ball head push button switch
  • Single/Bi-colour illumination
  • 3V-24V DC LED

Not only is this our shortest metal switch, but this 12mm tactile button comes with an internally resisted LED Ring Illumination! No need for fiddly external resistors on the wires or PCB

Our normal and low profile push button switches are used in a wide range of industries (but not limited to.) Used in large and small appliances used for commercial and domestic use.


Broadcast Switches, RJS Electroncis Ltd.


rjs-door-entry-thmbDoor Entry/Security

rjs-automotive-thmbAutomotiveIndustrial Controlsrjs-audio-video-thmbAudio & Videorjs-marine, boat building-thmbBoat Building & Marine.







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