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Let us introduce our panel mount Navigation switches and modules.

See the full range of panel mount navigation switches. RJS Electronics Ltd.

Let us introduce our panel mount Navigation switches and modules.

Navigation Switches or Modules

RJS Electronics has a wide range of panel mount, navigation switches and navigation modules which are IP Rated, can be programmed and support LED illumination and custom etching to suit your design. Our range of navigation switches and modules are used for a wide range appliances and industries commonly used for our everyday.

See are range of our navigation switches and modules under ‘Navigation Switches’ and ‘Navigation products’. We have filtered through the thousands of products so you can easily select the best one for your design. Select from, round, rectangular or square with a range additional features.

What is the difference between Navigation switches and Modules?

RJS Electronics have a range of Navigation switches and Navigation switch modules. A selection of panel mount and PCB switches suited for a wide range of devices which can monitor movement.

Navigation module: is a complete panel mount unit. Our Navigation modules are available with multi-purpose features such as rotary encoder, central push button function and additional programmable push button functions.

Navigation Switches: Many of our push button switches can be customised to support etching/ stamped and support LED illumination, speak to our Sales Engineers when enquiring about LED illumination options. Choose from Single, Bi-Colour/Dual and many of our PCB push button switches, pots, knobs and encoders for navigation switches can support RGB LED illumination. Our PCB push button switches and Pots, Knobs and Encoders can be used to perform navigation task such as ‘Up’, ‘Down’ ‘Left’ or ‘Right’.

What kind of appliances may require Navigation switches and modules?

Navigation switches can be easily identified in a range of domestic and commercial appliances such as inside cars, temperature control thermostats, remote devices, coffee machines and large beauty equipment.

Our navigation switches and modules are used by a wide range of industries for a wide range of applications. Here are some examples (not limited to these industries.)

  • Automotive for internal controls such as: mirrors, audio, steering wheel, temperature, locking systems, keys and navigation input.
  • mirror controls, audio control, steering wheel controls, locking car/trunk controls
  • industrial (mirror controls)
  • white goods
  • entertainment systems (including handheld devices)
  • appliances
  • remote controls
  • electronic components (desk phones, keyboards, printers)

Why are navigation switches important?

Appliances which use navigation switches or modules are designed to perform multiple functions at once. This could be to control a function or perform a certain function after processing key data, therefore without the navigation switch, it would be unable to perform what its initially designed for. Alternately, the use of a single panel mount, navigation switch may be better aesthetically and economically, replacing the use of multiple PCB push button switches and tactile switches.

What types of Navigation switches and modules are available?

RJS Electronics presents a range of joystick stylerectangular and round Navigation Modules from 9 key programmable illuminated switches to navigation modules that support plastic etched laser caps and or illuminated LED caps.

Key features and benefits of our Navigation modules and switches.

  • Rotary Encoder function
  • Central Push to select feature
  • Pushbutton function
  • Support LCD/TFT Screen*
  • Multiple functions
  • Joystick Style
  • Support LED illumination options
  • IP Rated [ read more about our IP ratings].
  • Can be customised *



RJS-SF66BA-Z, Navigation switch, with blue LED illumination. Panel mount navigation switch, rubber material, RJS Electronics Ltd. RJS-SF66BA-Z is a Serial-Interface (SPI) navigation switch with microprocessors with up to 9 keys. Currently available with BLUE LED illumination and custom markings can be available.


SNA2 Red - Navigation module, pushbutton switch, panel mount custom RJS SNA2 – Large, single, momentary push button switch, Custom legends available for LED symbols.


navigation module switch, silver housing, led illuminated, rjs electronics ltd RJS- SF30BA – 5 way key Navigation Switch, IP65 rated, with a micro-travel, available with a single LED illumination.


SNA4 navigation switch rjs electronics ltd RJS-SNA4 – Rectangular 5-way switch, Custom laser cut legends for LED symbols.


rjs-SF39BA 5 way navigation module pushbutton switch panel mount. RJS- SF39BA, 5 way momentary navigation switch. This switch has a metal housing and is IP65 rated.


RJS-SF39EB Rotary Encoder center pushbutton switch panel mount RJS SF39EB,  Large, rotary encoder switch with centre button, available with LED illumination.


RJS-SF66BA-Z, Navigation switch, with blue LED illumination. Panel mount navigation switch, rubber material, RJS Electronics Ltd. SF19BA JOYSTICK STYLE, 19mm 4way joystick available with different cap style, with and without LED illumination. Our SF19BA joystick has a centre tactile button.

For more information on our Navigation switches, see the full range here and download individual product sheets.

How to place an order?

Monday – Thursday 8am – 5pm and Fridays 8am – 4.30pm, call us on +44 (0)1234 213600 to speak to our Sales Engineers or e-mail us on [email protected] alternatively, leave us a message using our online contact form.

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