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Momentary & Latching Push Button Switches

Find out more about our 411: push button metal switches with LED illumination or without LED illumination. Momentary vs Latching push button switches. Low profile or high current pus button switches.

momentary v. latching title explained, RJS Electronics Ltd




RJS Electronics Ltd distributes a range of plastic and metal push button switches with or without LED Illumination, support both ‘momentary’ and ‘latching’ functions.

These are key functions of a PCB and Panel Mount push-button switches when pushed.

RJS Electronics, All things RJS, momentary v. title

RJS Electronics, All things RJS, momentary v. title

PCB Pushbutton Switch, KA 17.4mm, Momentary Switch RJS Electronics Ltd

Panel mount, Plastic Momentary Push Button Switch, RJS Electronics Ltd, RJSP12MB2M1GX-5Momentary PushButton application, full screen TFT Roatry Encoder, RJS-SDE, RJS ELECTRONICS LTD.







Momentary Pushbutton Switches:

Momentary pushbutton Switches are required to be pushed/pressed for the device to turn on/off/function. Visually, a momentary push button switch means that the head of the switch springs back after being pressed.

Momentary push button switches are used for a wide range of domestic and commercial electronics devices. For example, many of our panel mount, metal push button switches or referred to as Antivandal switches are commonly used at traffic lights.

Tactile Switches & Non-Illuminated Tact Switches:

Tactile Pushbutton switches require less force to operate/function the device. Many of our PCB push button switches are tactile push-button switches with or Non-Illuminated Tact Switches, available as through-hole (THT) or surface mount (SMT). Tactile pushbutton switches can make a ‘click’ sound when pressed or a ‘silent’.

Our PCB tactile pushbutton switches support a range of pots, knobs and encoders which can be customised.

Latching title, All things RJS Electronics, RJS Electronics Ltd.

Latching title, All things RJS Electronics, RJS Electronics Ltd.Latching Pushbutton Switches:

PCB Pushbutton Switch, PS909L- Momentary v. Latching RJS Electronics Ltd, PS909L-62-2-K

PCB Pushbutton Switch, SPC Square - Momentary v. Latching - RJS Electronics Ltd

Panel Mount, Latching, Push Button metal Switch, RJSX02-16A-H~67Q







Latching Pushbutton Switches:

Latching pushbutton switches require to be pushed down/ pressed twice. Once for turning on and second to be turning off.

Visually, when a latching button is first pressed/pushed this is usually to turn on the device, the head of the latching pushbutton switch will stay down. This mechanism is referred to as latching.  For it to revert to its original position, the head of the switch will need to be pressed again, this will then release the head of the switch and turn off the device.

Latching push button switches are widely used for a range of domestic and commercial electronics devices.


how to order - RJS Electronics Ltd

How to Order: (Panel Mount Pushbutton Metal Switches)


Our part numbers will explain which Pushbutton switch can be selected as ‘momentary’ or ‘latching’.

For example:

Panel Mount Pushbutton Switch, Momentary Switch Only, RJS1N1-16-F-67J RJS[ _ _ _ _] – [ _ _]  – …  = Momentary only.


Panel Mount, Metal pushbutton switch, latching Switch, RJSX02-16LA-H-D-67Q, RJS ELECTRONICS LTD.RJS[ _ _ _ _] – [ _ _]LA – …  = Latching only.

Panel Mount, high current, momentary-latching pushbutton switch, RJS107-16L(A)-F-C5~67J, RJS ELECTRONICS LTD.RJS[ _ _ _ _] – [ _ _]L(A) – …  = select from ‘momentary’ or ‘latching’.


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