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Industrial Controls

key lock switches industrial controls push button metal plastic LED RGB switches

Discover our range of Industrial controls.

Our product range consists of push button switches, limit switches, foot switches, panel switches, push switches, selector switches and automation switches.

What is an industrial switch?

An industrial switch is a device used to interrupt or redirect the flow of electricity within a circuit.

We stock* a wide range of industrial control, we have linked our pages and provided a short description of our products. 

  • Buzzers – Our buzzers are fully illuminated, available in R,G,Y,B
  • Proximity Switches – proximity Switches, type of sensor that provides non-contact detection of metal objects. See here more of our range. 
  • Lighting & Indicators – a wide range of selection of plastic & metal indicators
  • Limit Switches – a series of switches which help to maintain repeatedly used electrical devices. The limit switches are available as a push plunger, Rod lever, and Roller type.
  • Push Button Switches – a wide range of metal and plastic switches available with and without led illumination.
  • Emergency Stop Switch – fail-safe control switches that provide both safeties for the machinery and the operator(s).
  • Selector Switches – Rotary selector switches, 2/3 positions, with/without LED illumination. 
  • Key lock Switches – round, square and rectangular, plastic and metal switches with two keys.

Many of our industrial controls can be found used in:

  • lift doors
  • heavy loading vehicles
  • domestic electronics.
  • Industrial machinery
  • automotive
  • commercial appliances 

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